Hate the size guessing game involved with online shopping? There’s going to be a body scanner for that

Online Shopping Body Scanner
Photography via Pink Sherbert Photography/Flickr)
Online Shopping Body Scanner
Photography via Pink Sherbert Photography/Flickr

For those who have been deterred from shopping online for fear of fit problems, a new technology being developed there will soon be a way to make shopping for clothing online easier.British researchers are working on a new body scanning device called Body Shape Recognition for Online Fashion that will allow online shoppers to correctly know what size to buy on any retailers website.

Being developed by the London College of Fashion, the University of Surrey and Bodymetrics, the system has an easy way to determine correct sizing. Shoppers simply input in their height online and then take a full-length picture of themselves with a webcam or cell phone. After putting this information into the system it can then determine all other measurements. Combined with the person’s body proportions the system builds a 3D image of the consumer, and then gives the correct measurements for clothing to be used when shopping online.

With the new system anticipated to launch in 2 years, the developers behind it believe it will be a big boost for online clothing sales, and will also save online retailers millions of dollars a year from returns due to incorrect sizing and fit.

Although this new technology will definitely be an innovation in terms of easier online clothes shopping, we can’t even imagine what impact it will have on our spending habits when we know for sure that we can fit perfectly into that amazing laser-cut Carven dress.