Ones to watch: Helena Fredriksson

Photography by Eli Schmidt
Photography by Eli Schmidt

Another day, another eco-friendly clothing line. The realm of the environmentally friendly, organic cotton using designer is an overcrowded one, beginning to look more like a scene in Soylent Green than anything else. Snide exaggerations aside, with every “But it’s organic!” that we hear, sometimes organic isn’t enough. Another shtick is necessary to get more than the now-inevitable “What else is new?”

That’s why we’ve recently turned our heads to the Swedish designer Helena Fredriksson of H Fredriksson. While “all garments are created with minimum waste in mind” from sustainable materials like organic merino, organic cotton and different reclaimed fabrics, as she tells us via email, this Brooklyn dweller’s line is very wearable stuff. Think ample draping with a laidback cosmopolitan vibe.

“The idea for this collection is to create pieces that reflect and enhance movement,” she says. “The form and draping creates a subtle drama that draws the eye without being loud.”

Indeed, it’s the quiet, understated quality of pieces like the tweed batwing coat and the envelope cardigan–both items that Fredriksson admits will be in heavy rotation for her this fall–that make H Fredriksson stand out in the enviro crowd.

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