Ones to watch: Brooke Roberts takes “fashion geek” to the next level

While fashion and science don’t exactly strike us as similar topics, designers’ eternal quest for innovation—be it in fabric, silhouette, or colour combinations—seems quite the Einsteinian pursuit (okay, maybe that’s a stretch).

Former applied science student and radiographer Brooke Roberts is making the connection even more apparent by using her lab experience to create a collection of knitwear. With additional degrees from the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, the designer is all about Italian-made clothes that mix the high end (cashmeres and silks) with the high tech (metallic and retro-reflective yarns).

Medical images are also behind the prints Roberts weaves. For Fall 2011, the checks and grids that make up the pieces are actually inspired by X-ray calibration films. The collection includes a range of items including sweaters, coats, skirts, and pants. Take into account the warm colour palette including beiges, greys, and blacks, as well as the geometric wooden accessories manufactured in collaboration with Eye of the World Designs, and the entire outing has a tinge of art deco to it. We’d love to cozy up in one of those sweaters, proving science need not always be sterile.

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