new years eve on-screen looks

The Best On-Screen New Year’s Eve Looks to Inspire you Before the Big Night

Say what you will about New Year’s Eve (It’s expensive! It’s overrated! It’s not worth the hype!), but if there’s one thing it’s undeniably good for, it’s pulling out all the stops, style-wise. What other holiday provides the perfect excuse to stock up on all things sparkly? What other occasion actively encourages wearing glitter in your hair? Whether you’re spending this year’s countdown swaddled in a blanket on your couch or packed onto a dance floor with a crowd full of strangers, there’s no better time to be exceptionally overdressed and bedazzled.

Another perk that comes with dressing up for New Year’s Eve? There’s no shortage of style inspiration out there from the big (and small) screen. Click through for our favourite New Year’s Eve looks from TV and film.