October horoscopes: Mercury Retrograde is coming but we’ve got you covered with our new astrology column

Welcome to our new monthly horoscope column, by Toronto-based astrologer Aerin Fogel. On the first of every month, we’ll be providing you with everything you need to know about the upcoming weeks, along with a dash of fashion and beauty advice for each sign.

Happy October 1st! We have entered the season of Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd), and of course, we’ve left summer and entered into fall. While most of us dread the end of warm summer months, Libra season is a time of reflection and peacefulness. As one half of the planet moves into a time of shorter days, the other half moves into a time of greater light and longer days. This ever-existing balance tells us so much about the time of Libra itself, the sign of balance and harmony. We can trust that as we explore one kind of experience, we will also eventually explore the other side. As you find balance within yourself in October, you can hold many perspectives simultaneously. This month, take time to find yourself and what feels right to you. True balance calls for a marriage of love and wisdom, of heart and mind.

Mercury will go into retrograde from the 4th to the 25th. This happens three or four times a year, and occurs when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to stop and move backward. This is an optical illusion, of course, but it’s been thought to affect our moods and behaviours, causing more misunderstandings and delays than usual. This is a time for introspection, thinking before you speak and act, and making space for dreaming. Clean up the house if things are feeling cluttered, or clean house internally. Listen to the quiet voice of strength that arises within you. With the full moon on the 8th, notice how you manage to maintain your individuality amid the expectations of others. And by the new moon on the 23rd, dig deeper and ask yourself how well (or if at all) you trust these others. Set the intention to live more openly. This month, find the balance between your raw, instinctual self and your rational intellect.

Read on to find out what’s in store for your zodiac sign this month (and also check out which celeb you share a sign with!).


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Celeb Aries: Lady Gaga
The zodiac is made up of four elements—fire, air, water and earth—and not only is Aries a fire sign, but it’s the boldest, loudest, and well, most fiery of the fires. So it should come as no surprise that pop’s most adventurous lady, Gaga, was born under this sign.

This is a month of self-discovery for you. You are now learning to see yourself in relation to others. You are no longer a floating balloon; you are one balloon in a whole floating bunch. Your unique style this month can take cues from what you see in the trends, from fur to bright colours and bold prints. Try on the rest of the world’s ideas to see which one makes you feel most like yourself. This dance of relationships, of self and other, will follow you right from the 3rd down to the 25th. On the 8th, you will show the world who you really are and there will be no mistakes about it. Dress loudly, unusually, and expressively. When it comes time to decide on a style for the month of October, take cues from the boldest celebs, like fellow Aries, Lady Gaga. You’re never one to follow rules but more than ever this month, you’re only open to doing your own thing.

As you move toward mid-month, you may start to feel anxious with this whole give-and-take process in relationships. Remember that your true self is being shown to you through the actions and responses of others around you. If you bolt, you are only running away from a piece of yourself. There is balance to be found in your uncontrollable urge to both avoid those around you, and speak every fleeting fragment of your mind to them. On the new moon on the 23rd, do not shy away from your shadowy corners. If you see these corners in others, remember they are aspects of yourself. Reclaim them. At this point you can tone down the colours you are wearing and pull out your darker tones. As you drift into the last few days of the month, it’s your time for sleeping and dreaming (#blessed). These shadows and dreams, though you might forget them, Aries, are part of your being too.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Celeb Taurus: Tina Fey
Taurus is an earth sign, and those who were born under it are reliable, funny and grounded. They can be on the stubborn side, but their sense of humour does a great job at disguising that. Funny lady Tina Fey is a great example of a Taurus’ hilarious nature.

I’m going to tell you it’s time to work hard, and I know you won’t have a problem with that. I know you’ve already got your feet in the mud. But I’m also going to tell you to play nice with others, in which case, you might not know what I mean. This has been a challenging area for you in the past couple years. You might feel like it’s hard to get your message across at work this month, starting from the 4th, or perhaps to even figure out what work is for you. You feel the desire to be there but the strength of desire can leave you restless. Now is a good time to adhere to the dress code and show up looking practical. Take a cue from Taurus Tina Fey and suit up. This isn’t the time for casual attire.

On the full moon on the 8th you’ll witness the struggle between your place in the world and the time you need alone, which turns to anxiety if you don’t get enough of it. You will start to express your desires towards the middle of the month, and others will start to see in you the beauty you know deeply. Do you have a goddess dress or any Grecian-inspired garb (think J.Lo circa 2004)? They might serve you perfectly under that suit jacket. You have a chance on the 23rd for a fresh start in relationship. If you are with someone now, set the intention to go deeper together and dive below the surface. If you are not with someone, hold the vision of someone arriving who can speak to the deeper aspects of your being. As the month ends, start to tap into your vision of how things may come to unfold. You can take the jacket off now and stand openly in your full goddess attire.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Celeb Gemini: Angelina Jolie
Sharp-witted, graceful and well-spoken are the terms that come to mind when describing a Gemini, and humanitarian actress Angelina Jolie is a perfect example.

I bet you’re thrilled to hear it’s playtime this month. I bet it usually is for you anyway, but the point is that it will serve you well this time. Since you’re probably familiar with adapting a new look for yourself on a regular basis, let’s go with Grace Kelly for inspiration this month. You might receive a lot of extra attention this way, but it’s important to remember that the love and validation you seek is an inner experience that only you can find for yourself. No one else can really give that to you. If you make art of any kind it’s the perfect month to invest time in your practice. Though it’s hard to stick with one project, you will later feel rewarded if you do. Channel Angelina Jolie and opt for looks that are classic and tailored, to balance out the flow of creativity that will (hopefully) be pouring out of you in October.

You’ll have a chance on the full moon on the 8th to see the balance (or imbalance) in your life between the love you give and the love you receive. As you approach the middle of the month, if you get bored of your artistic practice or don’t usually have one, redirect that creative energy to your outfits. Each one is a piece in and of itself. On the 23rd, start to transform playtime into work time. Seriousness and intensity are not your usual traits, but the end of the month is an appropriate time to explore them. Your classic pieces can become a little sharper around the edges, and if you’ve been wearing a lot of colour you can let it fade as the trees have done with their leaves.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Celeb Cancer: Lindsay Lohan
Cancers are super-moody and guarded water signs, and you never really know what’s going on inside their heads, but it’s pretty safe to assume there’s intensity involved. Cancerian Lindsay Lohan is known for her mood swings, like many born under the sign of Cancer.

No Cancer ever wants to be told that things are going to change at home, so I won’t tell you that, but I will tell you that if you want your home to be a stable nest this month you have to do the inner work. Otherwise your environment is going to feel unbalanced. This could be as simple as throwing out the clothing you haven’t worn in at least a year. Imagine with each piece that you are equally letting go of every story and experience you have lived in that piece of clothing. You might even want to redecorate, or at least be sure that there is beauty in every room. You’ll have a lot of energy at work as the month begins, and maybe even a boost in finances. Mid-month is a good time to be around your family. This can be anyone that feels like family to you, like your immediate community, but if you are disconnected from blood relations you have an opportunity to consider why this disconnect exists.

On the new moon on the 23rd, go back into the bedroom if your sex life has gotten lost behind all that hard work and house cleaning. And wear something dark and new in there, while you’re at it. Who better to inspire you to hit a lingerie boutique than Lindsay Lohan? By the 25th you’ll know what I mean, and you can redirect your focus out of the home and towards enjoying your own beauty. A sexy outfit could go a long way now towards supporting your self-confidence, something that many Cancers are often in need of. You might start to have more energy to commit in a new or already existing partnership, because you can finally see the value of commitment. And, most importantly, you finally feel like you are appreciated. Don’t forget that this appreciation should not be the source of your confidence. You are your own greatest lover.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Celeb Leo: Kylie Jenner
Leos are fun, outgoing and confident. This sign is fascinating to watch because they move so fast and change at such a rapid pace. Case in point: Leo Kylie Jenner.

Your presence is always unmistakable, but we’ve all been particularly noticing you these past few months. I hope it makes up for the difficult spring that you had, which may have felt like you just couldn’t get back on top. This is a good month to borrow or inherit clothing from your friends, or even to hold a clothing swap. It’s time for you to embrace the most social parts of your nature, and like the bees, alight from one experience to the next. Ignite your fiery persona and experiment with bold looks, taking style inspiration from the likes of fellow Leo, Kylie Jenner. Try out a new makeup look, and see huge changes. Starting on the 4th, it may actually feel challenging for you to communicate with others, but it will serve you well to work through any misunderstandings. Slow down, speak clearly, and speak from the heart. Remember to have compassion for others. Use the full moon energy on the 8th to work on crafts or smaller creative projects. Don’t worry too much about the big picture; it will still be there when you’re finished with the details.

As mid-month approaches you’ll start to understand what I mean when I say speak from the heart. There are deeper aspects of yourself that you often guard, but you are learning the beauty of sharing them with others. On the new moon on the 23rd, spend some time alone at home. Give some thought to what home means for you, and whether or not it is a space that allows these deeper aspects of yourself to emerge. Give back all the clothing you borrowed or give it away (sorry but the stars say so), and buy something completely new that is outside of your comfort zone. As the month ends you’ll be acutely aware of how others are feeling – just don’t lose yourself in it.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Celeb Virgo: Beyoncé
Virgos are perfectionists and workaholics. This is the sign most connected to the earth and nature. Just like Virgo Beyoncé, those born under this sign are often juggling many projects at once, and succeeding at them all.

Do you love yourself? What was your first reaction when I asked you that question? Do you have a sense of what that might even be like? This month is all about you loving yourself. Book a massage, go for a walk in nature, go to a yoga class and cook as many meals for yourself as possible. In your style, emphasize clean lines and structure. Put the patterns at the back of your closet and focus on a more classic, neutral look. This is mostly a quiet, inward month for you (read: more HBO-special-Beyoncé and less onstage-Beyoncé). While you are cooking and walking and going to yoga, listen to what is underneath the hum of your own mind. You will find both stillness and intuition. If you feel creatively blocked at the beginning of the month, don’t worry, it will pass.

And if you notice any power struggles on the full moon on the 8th, acknowledge your part in the story and then return to the stillness. By mid-month you will really start to hear what I am talking about. Use this focused energy if your finances need balancing, too. You might be able to stretch your budget enough to fill out your classic style for the month. You can’t go wrong with new investment pieces. Once the new moon hits on the 23rd, you can invite your neighbours over for dinner and open up the stable, quiet space you’ve been building. The last part of the month is all about sharing for you. This might even mean sharing some of your inner experience of stillness. You might be surprised at how well you can communicate that now.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Celeb Libra: Kim Kardashian
Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiac, and happen to be liked by most other signs. Judging by Kim Kardashian’s circle of A-list friends, and her non-stop takeover of Paris Fashion Week front rows, it’s no surprise that this star is a Libra.

Happy birthday! This month is all about you, and not just because it’s your birthday. It’s about you emerging from behind your own polite exterior. What do you really desire? Where do you really stand in a conversation? What is your path in life? Don’t worry, you don’t have to make up your mind right away. You have no problem seeing every side of the equation, but I’m calling you back to yourself, and the permission to speak your own mind. This is also your month to look beautiful. Take some cues from your sign twin, Kim Kardashian, and go full-on glam as much as you can stand. If you own gold and silver, wear it every day. Wear your formal attire to brunch. Wear an extravagant hat. Whatever you do, do it up in a big way. Instead of arguing your way through the first week of the month, take a pause each time you are about to speak. Question why you say what you say. Ask yourself where, or who, these thoughts are really coming from. You can find the clues in how others respond or react to you.

By the 16th you will start to find your voice. Spend some quiet time on the new moon on the 23rd so that you can integrate the extroverted experiences of the past few weeks. I know that silence and stillness at home are rare for you, but it allows you to emerge from the polite exterior. Make like Kanye streamlining Kim’s wardrobe and get rid of any of your clothing that doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on. If there is new or existing love in your life from the 25th until the end of the month, resist the temptation to act strongly on it. Watch and receive whatever unfolds, and wait to act until any confusion passes.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Celeb Scorpio: Lorde
This dark, brooding and sensual sign will forever be a mystery, and singer Lorde fits the bill quite perfectly. Quick on their feet and attracted to darkness, Scorpios may be the most emotionally intense sign of the zodiac.

I always think of a deep well with Scorpio. The surface may look placid and clear, but there are depths to be plumbed that are sometimes unreachable. Now more than ever is your time to plumb the depths. If you have any significant dreams this month, write them down, because you might need the information later. Buy some new underwear at the beginning of the month and take notice of how different it feels to wear it. Be aware of passive aggressive tendencies around the full moon on the 8th, because it might be hardly to actually articulate how you are feeling right now. If you feel under-appreciated at work, speak up. I know you have good ideas for how things can change in the workplace and exactly what needs to be done to change them. Even if others are reactive to you at first, they’re listening, and they’ll benefit from your insights.

Around mid-month you are extra sensitive to what is left unspoken around you. You might be the only one right now who really knows how to speak to it, so I encourage you to do so. Try on some outfits with less structure and more flow, with softer fabrics and moody, oceanic colours. Scorpio Lorde is a great style inspiration for you, with her dark, intriguing aesthetic. Is there anything a true Scorpio loves more than mystery? You might not feel like saving money right now, but resist the temptation to pull out your wallet at every opportunity and for every person. That will get easier towards the end of the month. The new moon on the 23rd will give you a new understanding of who you are as an individual. Take some time to revel in the newness, and the attention from others. From the 26th on, dig into any creative projects that may have gotten lost in dreaming or confusion, or join in the imaginative games of children.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Celeb Sagittarius: Rita Ora
Sagittarians are the wanderers of the zodiac. Never happy to sit still for too long, they have a permanent case of wanderlust. They can be outspoken and full of restless energy. Is there a celeb that fits the bill more closely than Rita Ora?

I hope you know how important it is to always seek new learning. Even if you are just opening a book at the end of each day. After the rough springtime you had, find an area of study that will help you understand the big picture. According to existential philosophy we might just actually be brains in vats, in which case, it really doesn’t matter how much money you have (or don’t have) in the bank. On that note, it’s your month to wear red—head to toe if you can stand it. Sagittarians are drawn to bold shades, but maintain a never-ending need for comfort above all else, so don’t feel bad about keeping your sneakers on! Fellow Sag Rita Ora is known for pairing sneakers with everything from jeans to eveningwear. Chunkier, metallic jewellery will give some weight to your presence in a room and what you are saying, even though you say it with a twinkle in your eye. Let the full moon on the 8th show you how well you balance or divide your attention. There is enough time in the day for both work and play, and if there’s not, it’s important for you to make room.

Get involved with your community if you’re not already. You are inspired this month to share your vision of how our social sphere can exist with more beauty and harmony. Your friends will support you, even if they don’t understand. Do your research on the upcoming elections, and share what you are learning with those around you. If you’re sick of wearing red now, go for something unusual. Mix patterns and fabrics for a unique look that will make people stop and think twice about your convictions. Take some time to finally rest in the last week of the month. Even in your sleep you are working – digesting and integrating your experiences, and replenishing the mind for a new day.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Celeb Capricorn: Kate Middleton
Hard-working, conservative and serious, Capricorns are definitely wired to work rather than play. Kate Middleton is a great example of this stable, mindful earth sign.

One day I might tell you to shrink your responsibilities and go and have a little fun. October is not the month for that, but I know you won’t mind. This is your month to step even deeper into your responsibilities and explore your ability to take on leadership in the world. The theme, however, is fairness. It’s not just about you stepping forward so you can get what you want, it’s about you pausing before you charge ahead and considering what is in the greater good of civilization in general. Lighten up your look and the colours you wear, and you might find this makes it easier to interact with others. Think pastels and softer fabrics. Who better to look at for dressing cues than Kate Middleton?

Notice if you find yourself in a power struggle at the beginning of the month, and look for the role you are playing. This is about you feeling powerful in yourself, and not asserting something just to get your way. Towards the middle of the month you’re about ready to get up on a podium with a loud speaker. But I suggest pointing the loud speaker towards yourself – really, you are trying to hear your own voice over the din of the world, and it’s more important that you hear yourself than asking others to agree. You can go back to wearing black now, which will surely be a relief for you. When the new moon arrives on the 23rd you will find it easier to draw others over to your point of view, and real change may start to happen through this in your community. Make time at the end of the month for great conversation and loving company.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Celeb Aquarius: Ellen DeGeneres
Aquarians are creative free-spirits, and have a great curiosity for life. Their fascination with the world and the people around them makes them great conversationalists, and like Aquarian Ellen DeGeneres, this sign is great at making people feel comfortable and at ease.

We all have aspects of ourselves that are uncomfortable to get familiar with. In a way that’s what you’ve been doing the past little while, but no one said it was simple, or easy to integrate into the rest of your life. You start off this month with a sense of authority, and you can wear the collared shirts to match. Button up the top button, and try to match your outfits, if any Aquarian can really do that. While this sign is usually light-hearted and a free spirit, like Aquarian Ellen DeGeneres, you have an odd need to get serious in October. You are hungry to know the meaning of life and all the meaty mechanics of how the universe churns along. Let your heart follow your mind at the beginning of the month, and when you start to feel anxious, return to the bigger picture. Something about this is finally going to click for you.

Around the 11th you might get restless in your romantic life, and if you can manage to keep one foot in the door, make sure to pause before you act. After a few days you will find your voice and be able to articulate what you are really thinking and feeling, even if it is only to yourself. Every Aquarian has a different definition of sexy, so revise your sexy outfits in the middle of the month to suit the way your social life is now. If you can forget about the clothes you’re wearing while your out, it means you’ve chosen them well. On the new moon on the 23rd, notice how you hold your power. Most of you might be handing it off to someone else, but the world is ready to hear your unique ideas. Prioritize your self-care routine as the month closes, and make sure you are supporting your emotional well-being.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Celeb Pisces: Rihanna
Being the most emotional sign of the zodiac is no easy task. Those born under the sign of Pisces carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, which can surely be very stressful, but their love of connecting deeply with other people makes it impossible for them to detach and change that. This water sign, which boasts Rihanna as one of its members, is artistic, honest and truly magnetic.

I hope it’s not news for me to tell you you’re very sensitive. It might, however, be news for me to tell you that you are often just picking up on what other people are feeling. You might have some added confusion this month about what feeling belongs to you and what belongs to someone else. Your job is to not get weighed down in trying to figure that out, but rather, to simply watch it all go by like a movie. It’s a good time to wear leather for you, with a nice stiff collar underneath, to add a tough counterbalance to your sensitive nature. If you have any interest in the occult, pull out your tarot cards at the beginning of the month, consult an astrologer, and listen to what guidance comes. If this doesn’t interest you, find something supportive that helps you face the intensity with which you experience life right now.

Be aware on the full moon on the 8th of how much money you give away, and if it is in balance with what you have for yourself. Continue to explore the darker side of your beauty near mid-month. Look at style icon Rihanna for outfit inspiration, and play with dark lipsticks if you dare. Around the 16th, speak openly and honestly with everyone around you, even when it makes them uncomfortable. Even (and especially) when what you’re saying makes you uncomfortable. If you have mentors or guides, ask for help on the new moon on the 23rd. Finish the month with space to dream about the greater meaning of it all, and to release the past few weeks as you look to the road ahead.

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