NYFW: Tom Ford, live Ken dolls and more top moments from Fashion’s Night Out

Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Tom Ford Beauty
Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Tom Ford Beauty

They came, they saw, they partied. Fashion’s Night Out 2010 was a frenzied feast of celebrity appearances, crazy costumes, music and blow-out block parties.  It was a night to remember. Roll the highlights, please….

  • NYC-based DJs and It-boys-about-town, The Andrews spinning on the first floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Their identical twin schtick totally works and they know how to get the crowd moving.
  • Bergdorf’s men’s store pushes maximum capacity. Who could draw such a crowd?  The golden man, Tom Ford. He arrives late and looks even dreamier in person. Tom Ford for mayor!  PR girls are shouting to the heaving crowd “clear the aisles, if you don’t he will leave!” He doesn’t, and after a while of standing on my tip toes to see the man of the hour, I finally spot him.
  • Bergdorf’s live window displays: A singing trio decked out in shiny silver space suits makes me think of Pride back in TO. “Girlfriend, you better work”.
  • Male models vogueing down a staircase in the Louis Vuitton store. One even licks the bag he is carrying. Monogram for dinner?  Only in the fashion world.
  • At Versace on 5th, women get their pics taken with male models on pedestals. One woman has her hubby take the pic. Poor sod!  Rihanna blares throughout the five-story store and the hip hop crowd has taken over.
  • A visit with Canadian jewellery designer Dean Davidson, who has a trunk show at Henri Bendel. Davidson is perfection–tall, blonde and he makes amazing jewellery. Go Canada!
  • On my way out I fill up on samples at the Bendel fragrance counter. My bag runneth over with L’Artisan Parfumeur.
  • Live Ken dolls on 5th Avenue, housed in a life-size doll (er, action figure?) box. The crowd gawks at a variety of hunks: Movie Date Ken, Gallery Date Ken or Dinner Date Ken.  Movie Date Ken’s swoon-worthy looks have women scrawling their numbers on paper and holding it up. “Text me” they shout. Gallery Date Ken pulls out his iPhone and types in the digits.
  • The line up outside Fendi snaked around the block a good two hours before the festivities began. My hopes of getting a limited-edition signed portrait of Karl Lagerfeld was crushed. (Karl, that’s two nights in a row, I’m starting to get a complex)
  • Tiffany & Co. Rolled out the yellow carpet to mark the launch of its new Yellow Diamond collection.  Outside there were attendants with decadent mini ice cream treats on silver trays. Inside, DJ Mark Ronson had the music cranked up to max volume (oh, how non-Tiff!) and the famed Tiffany Diamond was on display for the masses to admire for one night only.
  • Taking my shoes off at the end of the night. Ahhhhhh.