Your November horoscopes are here to guide you through the full moon, Scorpio season and more

Astrology intends to connect us with the natural rhythms and cycles of the world around us. We can see ourselves as a part of these rhythms, and are affected by them on all levels of our being. If you look around now in the northern hemisphere, the earth is preparing for its deep winter sleep. Leaves are escaping the trees, birds and animals become sparse, and the farm season is closing. The first sign of cold chokes out the last of the life in the plants. So how are we to understand ourselves as a part of this? How can we attune ourselves to the season of Scorpio?

For starters, we can look within. The outward focus and burst of summer’s energy is leaving so that we have an opportunity to listen deeply to what is going on within ourselves. And like the plants that cannot survive the cold of winter, we can lovingly let go of any part of ourselves that is no longer life-giving, that will not survive what is required to move forward. Watch your relationship to power on the full moon on the 6th, and how balanced your give and take of energy is with other people. You may feel your own sense of longing and desire welling up this month, and finally starting to gain clarity. Work through any confusion about what it is you are actually longing for. And on the new moon on the 22nd, set the intention to follow your vision no matter how far away it may seem right now. If you are feeling doubtful, remember it is the mind’s job to figure things out rationally, but that there are other ways to figure something out.

Horoscopes by Aerin Fogel. Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub.


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Dear Aries,

This month is all about you emerging in the world. The past few years in particular have been a time of heightened self-discovery and understanding who you are as a unique individual. Now you are starting to see yourself in your role on the greater stage. Dress like you’re the boss, even if you may be unusually aware of your vulnerable side. Go for a clean ponytail and choose your black pieces wisely.

If you have any interesting dreams at the beginning of the month, write them down and take some time to ponder their meaning. Your theme, especially on the full moon on the 6th, is how well you can hold your boundaries around other people. Stay connected with how you are feeling, so that you act with awareness instead of reacting from something you might be holding onto. Don’t get involved in power struggles around the 9th-13th. You are your own source of power without needing to assert this over others. Try an outfit that is completely outside your comfort zone, and that you wouldn’t get straight off the rack. Mix your prints.

From the 16th on, take up a new study that helps you understand reality a little better, or even read some philosophy. This will help you process some of the muck churning around in your unconscious right now. Set the intention with the new moon on the 22nd to follow this new philosophical journey wherever it may lead, without any sort of judgement for the ways in which it may open your mind. If the struggle with these new thoughts becomes too great near the end of the month, consider taking a little trip to help shake out the old and welcome in the new.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Dear Taurus,

You’ve been working so hard you forgot to have playtime. November is your month to play nice with others, if you can stand to share. Sharing for you is not as simple as splitting appetizers or loaning out your favourite skirt; it means sharing resources, sharing energy, and sharing your deepest fears and desires. It’s time to let go of any fear you may have around loving and being loved by another person; let them see your many aspects.

Ride the burst of energy you have at the beginning of the month, and add some drama to your look. Around the full moon on the 6th try a bold cat eye, and a flashy print to your outfit. On the 9th, don’t let the people close to you judge your relationships for you. You can trust your own desires. You will feel more at ease with this closer to mid-month, especially if you maintain the bigger perspective beyond the details of the immediate story. As you become more sensitive to and respectful of how others are feeling, your own feelings become more light-hearted.

Don’t get lost in the trends when you get dressed in the morning, even if you feel confused about how you should present yourself right now. Continue the work around intimacy on the new moon on the 22nd, and set the intention to not have one foot out the door. As the month comes to a close, it’s time to leave the Taurus hideout and get involved with what the rest of the community is doing. But don’t forget to think for yourself, even though it may be confusing to find your voice amid the clamour.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini,

I know some of you might not like this, but it’s time to get to work. Especially after the playtime you’ve just had. Wake up early, do something to center yourself, eat a nourishing breakfast and get outside the house. Cultivate the routine you never wanted to have. Use your sensitivity to give back to others this month.

Your look for November is all about practicality and blending in at your workplace. But I never said it had to be boring – who said a full velvet suit isn’t practical at work? I know how much you love costumes, Gemini, so dress to look the part every day. You’re able to express your ideas particularly well at the start of the month and can use your communication skills to bring real transformation in your work with others. Make sure you don’t rule with an iron fist, but come from a place of mutual respect. Your costumes can get more dramatic as you go, with stiff, heavy dark fabrics to give sway to your words.

As mid-month approaches, let yourself dream big. For a while now you’ve held lofty ideas about where your greater path could lead you, and it’s time to bring that down into the details. Don’t get enmeshed in any power struggles this could lead to, but instead refocus your energy on yourself and the task at hand. Stay strong on the new moon on the 22nd, so that you will not buckle under the weight of others’ judgements. You’re ready to take on a new level of responsibility, and you know this now. Ignore the confusion and self-doubt that arise – you got this, Gemini.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Dear Cancer,

Are you in there? You can come out now. There are people just waiting to see you and revel in your beauty, love you, play with you, and push you out of your house and into some adventure. It’s okay to let someone else show you love for once, because we all know you’re capable of looking out for others. Buy a flirtatious and elegantly detailed new dress, then go out and meet someone in it, whether it’s a current partner or a new interest.

Once you’re out in the world, you’ll find it’s safer than you thought to have an open heart. And if it doesn’t feel safe, especially approaching mid-month, remind yourself that true love and validation come from within rather than from another person. You’ll gain a new perspective on the 15th-16th that might clear up some confusion you’ve had for the past while. Set the intention on the 22nd’s new moon to take care of yourself as much as you do for others, and to have fun while doing it. Decorate yourself; jewellery, flowing capes, and things that tie up (but more importantly, can be untied) breathe new life into your routine.

The 26th is your chance to see what’s really going on in your love life, even if it’s just you in your own state of longing. Don’t be afraid to start expressing yourself; you may not be understood immediately, but you’re able to see further down the road than most right now. Be sure to stay true to yourself in this vision, and it will help others to trust you too. Especially when you look so good in that new cape, Cancer.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Dear Leo,

I know this is a hard season for you. The air is cooler, the plants are dying, and the energy of the world moves inwards (at least the Northern half of the world). Though it may not always be comfortable for you, it will be helpful if you can move inwards this month as well. And I’m not just talking about a Friday night date with Netflix.

November is all about revelling in the joy of basic human needs like food and shelter. Cook as many meals as possible for yourself and decorate your home with beauty. Find a more conservative look with your style, with some shiny oxfords and a pinstripe button up. You benefit from the support of those close to you at the beginning of the month, and finally feel like you have your place in the world by the full moon on the 6th. If you start to feel displaced around the 9th-13th, remember that you are your own harshest judge. Try not to retaliate with equal blows if you feel hurt.

Get playful with your outfits from the 16th on, and explore what it means for you to wear something sexy. Know that you are desirable. Set intentions on the new moon on the 22nd to give your love without conditions, even when you feel like it’s not understood. As you are free to love others you deepen the feeling of love within yourself. Confusion may try to distract you as the month comes to a close, but don’t stray from your path. You know what you want, and where you are going. Anything else is only an opportunity for you to affirm this to yourself.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Dear Virgo,

I’m not fooled by your incredible ability to adapt well in any situation. I don’t believe that you’re more comfortable staying quiet while someone else sways the room with their viewpoint. In fact, I think you’re bursting with things to say and brilliant ideas, and I think it’s about time you spilled the beans. It may have felt hard to open your mouth and say what you mean through October, but you’re ready to speak from a deeper part of yourself.

Go for light colours this month like pale grey or light blue, and softer fabrics. Resist the temptation to wear so much black; I think it might be getting you down. Check your inner authority on the full moon on the 6th, because you tend to assume the roll of student before you realize you are often the teacher. Take off the rose coloured glasses on the 15th, and really see your partner clearly. If you are not in a partnership, see the part of yourself that sidesteps commitment.

It is often easier for you to get lost in others than to be honest about their challenging sides. Think deeply now about what it means for you to have a good, solid home, and whether this is something you feel you have, or an area that needs attention. A solid home for a restless Virgo is certainly a thing to ponder. Trade in your look on the 22nd’s new moon for more intensity and a layered style. By the end of the month you are starting to get the hang of this whole “speak from the heart, say what you mean,” thing.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Dear Libra,

Do you have any idea how valuable you are? Do you know that your worth is immeasurable? Or have you been simply too busy to even pause and wonder what I’m talking about? It’s so easy to become lost in the business of our own schedules and forget ourselves in the process. Somewhere between the coffee date and the important dinner you should ask whether you agree to so much because it is actually supportive to your path, or because you are afraid to be alone with yourself.

This month, go for simplicity in your wardrobe. A clean, low ponytail, and a low-key ensemble without any bells or whistles will do it. As much as you feel loved and accepted by those around you at the beginning of the month, watch on the full moon on the 6th that you don’t just hand your power over to them. Remember not to forget yourself. Don’t be discouraged on the 9th if you feel like you are not contributing enough to your community, because in a few days you start to understand that you are capable of taking on more responsibility and find tremendous respect in this. From the 16th on, follow your creative impulses.

Pick up a pen and journal, or enter the realm of fiction if you dare. Borrow your neighbour’s clothing for fun, ditch the simplicity, and wear as many gold necklaces as you can find (at the same time, of course). Don’t make any big decisions about your job for the rest of the month, because things will only become clear there in time. If you try to figure it all out now you will just end up confused again.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Dear Scorpio,

Happy birthday to you! There is something truly special about the time of Scorpio, when babies are born amidst the end of summer’s lush plant life. This speaks to the ability of every Scorpio to intensify their understanding of life with the presence of death. And I mean death as a symbol, or inevitable direction of all life.

You are able to experience many levels and subtleties of life, often in the extremes, because you know that all things come to an end in time. Make the practice of letting go your specialty this month. Out with the old and in with the new in every aspect of your life, even when it seems impossible or overwhelming. Refresh as much of your wardrobe as possible to show a different side of you for the coming year. Create outfits with rhythm and repetition, with shapes, colours, and textures that appear simultaneously on different pieces.

The full moon on the 6th shows you how well you are (or are not) relating to others. Make sure there is a mutual give and take in your relationships. Around the 10th, be extra conscious of this issue, and of how you communicate with others. There’s a deep part of you struggling to be expressed, and if you can be the one to hear it clearly first, you will know how to share it. Otherwise, if you are not listening to yourself, it will come out aggressively (or worse, passive aggressively). Take responsibility for your own feelings right through the 18th and on, or this issue will continue to surface. Embrace darker colours in your style like greys and forest green, without letting them darken your mood too much. Don’t worry if you are struggling creatively near the end of the month, keep at the project at hand and the struggle will pass.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Dear Sagittarius,

I know you are used to being surrounded by people, and usually I would say it’s a great thing for you. Most of the time I would say you thrive on the fun you have with others. But this November is really about you turning inwards, turning off the technology, and turning off the social time. Dare I say it – you need to be alone. Spend time at home the first week of the month. Experiment with the kinds of clothing you wear when no one is looking, or perhaps experiment with wearing it while someone is looking.

You have a chance on the full moon on the 6th to assess whether your job gives you the kind of stability you need in that area of your life. Consider whether or not you feel valued there, and if not, what kind of changes you can make over the long term (I’m not talking sudden abrupt changes, Sagittarius, if you can stand the slow process).

From the 9th-13th you are starting to see some of the aspects of yourself that usually remain hidden. It’s not necessarily an easy process, so if you have teachers, guides, or mentors in your life, reach out and ask for help. They will help you find perspective on your own unconscious. The new moon on the 22nd is a chance for you to decide who you want to be this coming year. The doorway is open for you to choose freely, and really live in a new expression of yourself. Wear ruby red and maybe even some gold and you will feel inspired and renewed as the month ends.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Dear Capricorn,

I’m sure that most of you have always been helpful to those around you, but the past couple years in particular have really seen you rolling up your sleeves and taking on new levels of responsibility in your community. Be careful you don’t get exhausted, though. Some of you may feel as if your efforts are never enough, but I can tell you that from where I’m sitting it looks like everything you do is making a difference.

Though you don’t usually like to stand out with what you’re wearing, this is your month to dress outside the box. Mix colours that you wouldn’t normally mix, and try an accessory that’s outside of your comfort zone. Yellow, orange, and red are your best friends right now. If you’ve got a creative project on the go, take a step back on the full moon on the 6th and assess how you are doing with this and whether you feel like your work here is valuable.

Some old insecurities will start to surface from the 9th on. Don’t listen to the voice that tells you you’re not lovable – instead, face the insecurities head-on and know that they are a lie. Challenge accepted! You have been so fired up that you might feel ready for some quiet time closer to the end of the month. If things are confusing with your siblings or your neighbours, don’t get wrapped up in the details of the story. Trust that everything you have been working towards will carry on without you, and that you can take some restorative time apart for yourself.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Dear Aquarius,

I am pleased to tell you that you’re in charge this month, but I’m worried you might then try to make everyone perfect. Just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you’re in control, because in fact, it’s helpful to know that you are never in control of the whole universe; that would be an awful lot of responsibility.

You will look great this month in a full suit, or at least something with structure. Somewhere out there is the perfect dramatic pencil skirt and it’s calling your name. If the beginning of the month feels like it’s hard to get what you want, take some space and get cozy at home on the full moon on the 6th. This feeling will pass, because you will learn to take responsibility for your own desires and put in the hard work towards reaching them. Think before you speak around mid-month, otherwise even you may be surprised by the intensity of what comes out of your mouth.

Get less conventional with your outfits from the 16th out, and mix fabrics, prints, and colours. Wear two different hairstyles at once. You’re also ready to start letting go of some of the low self-esteem that’s been plaguing you the last while. You are stronger than you think, and far more lovable than you’ll ever know. On the new moon on the 22nd, take some time to consider how to turn all of your visions for the world around you into a reality. You know which direction to go in, but it’s time to do the work of figuring out how to get there, even though you’re usually twenty steps ahead of yourself in this department. You’re the one in charge, remember?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces,

I know your favourite thing to do is float along unimpeded in the great river of life, but I’m hoping you might take a stand (or two) this month. Or at least let your feet touch the bottom for a moment. These days you feel more comfortable being seen in the world than you have in the past, and trust me, others are happy to see you too. You have so many gifts to offer, and this month you are finally starting to share from that deep well of wisdom that can surprise even you at times.

Go for rich, warm colours with streaks of gold that embrace your inner authority. The first week of November sees you in harmony with yourself, with others, and able to communicate well. From the 8th on, consider pursuing your study of the great mysteries of life. Poets, mystics, and philosophers have struggled to find the balance between describing the vastness of our universe and acknowledging that it can never be described. You have the energy from the 10th-11th to turn these philosophical ideas into real mandates for your community.

On the 15th, you may start to find that a deep confusion about who you truly are as an individual is clearing up. Don’t just float away, get out a pair of leather lace up boots and strap yourself in to walk boldly on your path. Wear your hair up so the rest of us can see your face. Use the new moon on the 22nd to commit to taking on some leadership. You’ll never rule with an iron fist anyways, Pisces, you’re just giving some clearer edges to that river of yours.

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