Photography via Instagram/@mediaeye

North West Makes her Modelling Debut with Fendi

At just five years old, North West is about to make her modelling debut–at Fendi, no less–and there’s no better way to ease into the modelling world than with your family behind you. In this case, they literally are. Mom, Kim Kardashian West and Grandma, Kris Jenner also participated in North’s first high fashion shoot, which will feature both images and video content. The soundtrack for the video campaigns, which launch tomorrow, will fittingly be provided by Dad, Kanye West, with the 2008 banger “Love Lockdown” played over the top of each short film.

These images and videos are all part of Fendi’s #MeandMyPeekaboo campaign, which initially launched in April featuring Fendi’s creative director for accessories, men’s wear and kids’ wear, Silvia Venturini Fendi, and her daughters Delfina Delettrez Fendi and Leonetta Luciano Fendi. #MeandMyPeekaboo celebrates the brand’s timeless Peekaboo bags while also focusing on the intimate bond between women within a family.

“The idea was to expand the concept of family, as it’s part of our history, and we wanted other families of women,” said Venturini Fendi to WWD. “In the case of the Kardashians, they are all three of them very strong women, with strong personalities. It’s an iconic family, who is known for its appearance, but we wanted to bring more of an intimate side to the table.”

“They are less controlled here; you can see they let loose, with emotion surfacing. You can tell by the way they look at one another, it’s clearly intimate,” Venturini Fendi continued. The images, which will start being released July 11, will show viewers something more authentic in comparison to the usual paparazzi shots were accustomed to.

Other families will also be featured in the international campaign, including sisters Jessica and Krystal Jung (photographed in Seoul) and Ewan McGregor’s daughters, Clara Mcgregor and Esther McGregor (photographed in Los Angeles).

Serge Brunschwig, chief executive officer told WWD that when it comes to Fendi it has “always been a family story, involving strong women, from the founders, to their five daughters, then Silvia who has involved her daughters in the first step of this project.” Through these ads, the brand wants women to see themselves as part of the Fendi family.

To do this, Fendi is switching out their classic standalone ads for a more gradual story-telling style. Viewers will learn more about each participating family as new content is released. “Our idea is to continue as long as we will have a family story to tell,” said Brunschwig.