Nordstrom x Nike Phone Case

This Nordstrom x Nike Phone Case is a Must-Buy for Bubble Wrap Fanatics

Admit it. Popping bubble wrap is one of the most satisfying and strangely addictive sensations in the world.

Maybe it’s that distinctive, crisp crack, or maybe it’s the soft pillowy feeling beneath our fingers. It could also just be that your inner child knows the popping sound is irritating someone around you (this one definitely applies to me). Whatever the reason, the Nordstrom x Nike iPhone Bubble Case is must-have material.

This lightweight, fidget-friendly iPhone case, inspired by the Nike AirMax collection, is the best thing you’ll play with all day. The back features transparent clicking buttons, designed to mimic the effect of popping bubble wrap. The clincher? These bubbles never actually pop, so you can click away all day. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Nordstrom x Nike iPhone Bubble Case, $29

Buy the case here, or stop in at the Nordstrom x Nike pop in shop in Toronto or Vancouver.

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