Nicholls family quarantine style
Left: Dress, price upon request, Chanel. Shoes, $200, Comme des Garçons Play x Converse at Nordstrom. Hat, $40, Le 31 at Simons. Centre: Dress, $360, Whitney Linen. Bracelet, $710, Hermès. Ring, model’s own. Right: Top, $160, and pants, $200, Boss.

Mastering Quarantine Style at Home With the Nicholls Family

When lockdown hit, the FASHION team suddenly had to find new ways to create art for our Summer issue. One ideal scenario would be to find a fashion photographer who lives with a model. Award-winning FASHION contributor Chris Nicholls immediately came to mind. Nicholls was holed up in Toronto with his wife, Lorca Moore, who works with Nicholls as a highly-skilled post-production artist and is also a professional model who has appeared in FASHION many times over the years. The first cover the couple worked on together was Winter 1995, and four years later, Nicholls photographed Moore when she was pregnant with their son, Alden. Even better, their daughter, Finlay, is also a model. So the family’s backyard and roof was turned into a set and they got to work, with clothing collected and sent over by Creative and Fashion Director George Antonopoulos. Check out the Nicholls family photoshoot to see how they master quarantine style below:

Chris, Lorca, Alden and Finlay will be donating their fees for this shoot to the Black Legal Action Centre of Toronto and the ACLU in the U.S.