New York: Marc Jacobs’ fall look is pared back and beautiful

MARC JACOBS Fall 2010. Photography by Peter Stigter

To those who’ve become accustomed to Marc Jacobs sending out neon hues, expert layers and effusive details over the last few seasons, the spare grey sweatshirt and culottes that opened his Fall 2010 show were slightly startling.

And yet it was familiar Jacobs territory—the comfortable layers, the mix of textures, the quirky-dowdy silhouette.
Models dressed in greys, neutrals and pastels unpacked themselves froma wooden crate unveiled by Jacobs himself and company president Robert Duffy. One by one, the models wound through the crowd in calf-length bell skirts, longish sweaters, suede jackets and puffy furs. Also of note were a pair of sparkling plastic raincoats, a pair of pantsuits and shimmering long evening gowns topped with chunky knits. It was a quiet statement. Clear, strong and beautiful.

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