New York: Jill Stuart Fall 2010

JILL STUART Fall 2010. Photography by Peter Stigter

Astor Hall in the New York Public Library was the ideal setting for Jill Stuart’s fall collection to come to life from the pages of her sketchbook. Rich green velvet speckled with gold glitter was shown as a backless mini-dress while dark wool trenchcoats fall almost, but not quite, down to the floor. 

Who’s-afraid-of-the-big-bad wolf-style hooded chunky knit sweatercoats act like protective armour while coils of cable-knit scarves wrap around the neck so the face is concealed. Best accessory goes to the upside-down flower pot-like velvet hats.

The piece you’ll need to update your fall wardrobe is the wide studded belt with hip pouch, or the corset-style triple-buckled belt. It’s all about defining the waistline come fall, so choose your weapons wisely.

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