8 easy New Year’s fashion resolutions, inspired by our Style Panel

new years fashion resolutions
new years fashion resolutions

We’re already into week two of 2016 and we’re not going to lie; some of us are still easing our way into the whole new year, new you plan. With a million ideas for improving ourselves at our fingertips, from leaving bad style habits behind to experimenting with new trends, we can see how ignoring ’em all might be tempting.

But before you throw in the towel and give up on figuring how to make 2016 a better year, we’re here to help. This week, Style Panel stepped up to the plate to share their easy-to-attain 2016 fashion goals with us. We’ve already listed a few fashion resolutions you should make (and keep), but just in case you need a bit more inspiration and/or incentive, here are eight more, courtesy of our Style Panelists.

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new years fashion resolutions
Photography by Trevor Negin

Barbara Ann Solomon, 28
Toronto | Barbara Ann’s Style Blog

Certain things change with growing older, and I know that I’ve reached a different stage as my purchases have changed from shoes and dresses to bookshelves and rugs. In 2016 I will be moving into my new home, which will be three times the size (and closet space) of the current shoebox that I’ve been living in with my husband and pet Monkey. There is nothing I’m more excited to do than decorate and create my first home.

Saying that, this year my focus will be less on clothing and accessories and more on home décor. This really only means that additions to the wardrobe must be multi-functional (day-to-night) or cross-seasonal. I’ll have to be smarter with my purchases and styling to ensure a dated wardrobe can still be fresh with a few additions.

Barbara’s wearing: Dress, Zara. Turtleneck, Joe Fresh. Boots, Seychelles. Glasses, Clearly.ca.

new years fashion resolutions

Teresa Yoo, 25
Toronto | What T Loves

I’m keeping my 2016 style resolution as simple as “let’s be brave!” or “stay away from your comfort zone!” For example, I distant myself from dresses a lot of the times because I think they are less comfortable than pants and I feel too dressed up, but there are ways and tricks to overcome that. All I have to do is step out of my tiny little bubble and actually start experimenting with dresses. So far, I’ve discovered how much I love wearing a dress over pants, and hopefully this fashion goal makes me comfortable and confident stylin daily outfits around dresses.

Teresa’s wearing: Dress, Forever21. Vest and shoes, Zara. Jeans, Paradise Mine. Hat, Topshop.

new years fashion resolutions
Photography by Terri-Lynn Hyatt

Rhiannon Berthelot, 27
Calgary | Fit It Under Style

This year I am resolute in my desire to use more colour in my everyday wardrobe. I will often opt for a monochromatic look when I should be putting myself out there with colours or prints. I want to find a new niche and create something that is different, but also has that preppy-chic style that is my calling card. I want to make colour mine in every way. I have challenged myself to purchase something of colour every shopping trip, no matter what. Furthermore, I’ve also taken it upon myself to switch out plain dresses in my wardrobe for something funky, colourful and outside of my norm. My plain-Jane dresses will be placed on the back burner this year while I pump up the volume in the colour department! Here I come rainbow heaven!

Rhiannon’s wearing: Skirt and bag, Thrift. Jacket, Danier Leather. Sweater, H&M. Sunglasses, Peacock Boutique.

new years fashion resolutions

Kira Paran, 29
Edmonton | Northern Style Exposure

My style resolution? To use the extensive wardrobe I own and to stop buying similar items over and over again. I am notorious for owning a similar item in several slight variations. Because of this bad closet habit, my wardrobe becomes too large to utilize easily. I need to both purge per season and crib the excessive shopping. If you are anything like me, you know it’s hard to stop a clothing enthusiast from shopping, but I’m willing to try.

Kira’s wearing: Cardigan, Madewell. Boots, Report. Jeans, J.Crew. Bag, Chloé.

new years fashion resolutions

Becky Kung, 32
Calgary | Velvet & Vino

My 2016 style goals are all about becoming a minimalist. I love the idea of throwing a long coat over a turtleneck sweater and pairing my look with simple jogger pants or denim on the bottom. I keep my jewellery at a minimum and have my shoes and handbags become the statements of the outfit. With a busy travel life, my style goals will be all about effortless and easy. I find that as long as I’m not overthinking my outfit, it stays fresh and fun and feels good.

Becky’s wearing: Coat, Express. Turtleneck, Le Château. Pants, Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren. Boots, Sam Edelman. Bag, Urban Outfitters.

new years fashion resolutions

Kayla Short, 29
Halifax | Short Presents

I’m not really one to make resolutions as I am constantly trying to push myself. I have noticed that I am slowly incorporating a sportier vibe. For spring we’re going to see a lot of pleats and ruffles, so I’m looking forward to pairing them with more traditionally “masculine” pieces (hello sneakers). I’m not sure how my dad would feel about me wearing his favorite tee from the ‘70s with a pink fur jacket and necklace chokers, but I plan on wearing the hell out of this shirt.

Kayla’s wearing: T-shirt, Foot Locker. Jeans, Gap. Boots, Le Château. Jacket, Envy. Choker, Joe Fresh & H&M. Rings, H&M. Watch, Bulova.

new years fashion resolutions

Stephanie Koch, 30
Kelowna | Inherited Jeans

My resolution for 2016, sartorially speaking, is one that I have been working on for a few years. Since blogging and being active on various social media platforms, I realized that one of the downsides is that we are inundated daily with emerging products that we “need” to have. Speaking from experience, it can be terribly difficult to rid yourself of that FOMO, but it’s important to focus on what’s the right fit for your life. Everything I am wearing here I have had for many years or acquired second hand, and it feels great to revisit my essentials. Therefore, this year I continue to strive to keep a pared down closet of basics, shop consignment when I can and spend any extra money I have on sport and outdoor recreation experiences in 2016.

Stephanie’s wearing: Hat, Club Monaco. Turtleneck, Wilfred Free by Artizia. Jacket, Joe Fresh. Pants, J Brand. Scarf, Coach. Boots, Sam Edelman.

new years fashion resolutions

Laura Mitbrodt, 31
Victoria | Laura Jane Atelier

For 2016 I want to continue to create a vintage inspired look through my fashion choices by combining unique prints and textures. I would also like to invest more in classic quality pieces instead of being a slave to fast fashion. I like to follow the trends but I also stay true to my personal style and only buy fashion forward pieces if they suit my body type and my personal style.

Laura’s wearing: Blouse and jacket, Marshall’s. Jeans, AEO.

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