National Friendship Day gift guide
Photography via Instagram/Kendall Jenner

#SquadGoals: The Cutest Gifts For You and Your Bestie on National Friendship Day

Because are you really friends if you haven't taken a polaroid together?

We all have that friend, our ride or die, the Betty to our Veronica, the chai to our latte…you catch my drift. Without our besties, who would we lay around and watch Netflix with? Who would snap a photo from that unflattering angle when you’re not looking? Beats me. To commemorate our favourite humans, July 30th marks National Friendship Day. And while every day is friendship day in my eyes, this is the day to really show your bestie how much you love them.

Remember back in the day when you had “best friends” necklaces coming out of the ying yang? These were always my favourite gifts growing up and I still have them in my jewelry box to this day. Although I don’t opt for my dolphin friendship necklaces these days, I have rounded up some adorable grown up gift ideas the whole squad will love. With these picks, twinning has never been better.

Shop my picks below for everything you need to celebrate National Friendship Day.

July 30th