The #mycalvins Fall 2015 campaign tackles threesomes, one-night stands & sexting

my calvins fall 2015 campaign 12
Photography by Mario Sorrenti courtesy of Calvin Klein

The #mycalvins Fall 2015 campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans is taking the idea of appealing to a millennial crowd to new levels. The ad campaign uses the art of sexting as a way to push their iconic undies and jeans with the slogan “raw texts, real stories” and what those encounters might look like. Citing at the bottom of each ad that these are all “inspired by actual events and people,” the brand’s chief marketing officer, Melisa Goldie explains that they’re “highlighting the truth about dating – the meet up, the hookup and the freedom that you have through the digital dating landscape and how instantaneous it is.”

Following the massive success of the brand’s campaign with Kendall Jenner, and the shirtless Justin Bieber underwear ads, it’s not surprising that the brand is continuing to target a young audience. The #mycalvins campaign features scantly clad pairs, trios and foursomes with screen shots of text message conversations. Topics of the texts vary from potential threesomes and enjoying the perks of an open relationship to one night stands and the hazy mornings after. The video is a minute-long live action version playing out all these different sexting situations. Trust us, we’re blushing too.

Check out the #mycalvins Fall 2015 campaign below.

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