Your Last Minute Music Festival Checklist

A reminder to pack those oft-forgotten festival necessities.

The first weekend of August is known for bringing many a music festival. Two of the largest Canadian music festivals take place this upcoming weekend with Osheaga in Montreal, and Veld in Toronto. Down south, Chicago brings in Lollapalooza, another popular North American festival. It’s safe to say that this weekend your social media will be full of Snapchat stories of your favourite artists, and Instagram posts of perfectly curated outfits that may produce a certain level of #FOMO.

Even if you’ve been planning every detail of your festival outfits months in advance—like me—chances are you’re still missing some key bits and pieces (also like me). Each year I attempt to prepare in advance, but no matter the circumstances I always find myself running around last minute, trying to gather my festival survival kit. Am I going to be too warm?  Am I going to be too cold?  And, most importantly, what am I missing?

Despite the prep and planning done before I go, each year I end up forgetting something.  In order to save you from the same fate, we created a last minute festival checklist, including clothing, accessories and must-have necessities to help you survive this long but exciting weekend. Have fun and don’t forget to bring your wristbands.

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