Photography via Instagram/eggcanvas

The Most Popular Items on Instagram Like, Ever

Who doesn’t recall those days in high school when all the popular girls had a Tiffany & Co. “Please Return To” sterling silver necklace, a pair of Uggs and toted around a Louis Vuitton Speedy from class to class? Well not much has changed since then, aside from the fact that the popular girls are now bloggers influencers, a local high school is now Instagram and the items now have a few extra zeros on the price tag. Okay fine, a lot has changed.

Before you deem these items basic AF, you can’t deny the fact that they are still the most sought-after pieces by the millennials (aka the people who buy the most things). WWD recently explored the thought of how the shopping experience has changed since social media became a big part of our lives. And it got us wondering, has it really? The answer: Yes. Millennials are constantly discovering new products and trends from their preferred social media channels, whether it’s Snapchat or Instagram. And with their fashion idols (think Kylie Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song – to name a few) flaunting their Birkins, Peekaboos and Yeezys on IG, it’s definitely created this need for millennials to also get their hands on these must-haves. Honestly, who hasn’t scrolled through various It girls’ Instagram accounts and come across a beautifully styled Chanel Boy bag or pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers in the last year?

Since we’ve rounded up the most Instagrammed beauty products, we’re shifting the focus to fashion brands and the must-have items that are generating some major love on Instagram. Curious to know which of our favourite fashion items are gaining the most hashtag mentions? Flip through to see the most popular items on Instagram today.