Canadian Brand Moose Knuckles Collaborates with Mary Katrantzou on High Fashion Parkas

Moose Knuckles, the Canadian parka brand distinguishable by its simulacrum of two metal brass knuckes on the arm, has teamed up with designer Mary Katrantzou for a line of hyper-fashion parkas that debuted at Katrantzou’s show at London Fashion Week.

Rather than your standard black affair, the antique-style parkas are both whimsical and charming – one appears to have been upholstered like a couch cushion, another is a delicately feminine velvet-brushed damask lace, and the other is made from brocade tapestry fabric that looks like it belongs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Moose Knuckles allowed me to bring femininity and colour to the rugged world of technical outerwear. We translated the key narratives of the season into a variety of high-end coats interwoven with signature patterns and customized damasks to elevate outerwear beyond the everyday,” Katrantzou said in a statement. Tu Ly, the design director of Moose Knuckles adds, “Mary Katrantzou and I have a strong love of fashion which has made this process exciting and truly collaborative. Together we have completely transformed Moose Knuckles’ signature jackets with Mary’s incredible selection of rich fabrications and exclusive custom prints designs.”

If you’ve ever looked at traditional winter outwear offerings and yearned for a coat that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a 19th century English tea parlour,  there is no doubt this is the collaboration for you.

The jackets will be available in select stores this coming Autumn.