Montreal Fashion Week: The top 38 looks, 10 moments and Spring 2014 trends

Pedram Karimi Spring 2014
Photography by Peter Jensen
Pedram Karimi Spring 2014
Photography by Peter Jensen

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Montreal Fashion Week has wrapped its 25th season with Spring 2014. On the heels of an official statement announcing major structural changes (read: budget cuts) to the biannual event as soon as February 2014, there was a wistful “end of an era” wind in the air. Will we say goodbye to Arsenal as our MFW headquarters? Will there be runway presentations next year? Only time will tell. But before we look ahead and contemplate the future, let’s look back at spring 2014 top 10 moments. Be ready for the return of black and white and sheer fabrics next spring and summer.

1. Pedram Karimi is in love! The evolution of his clean-lined, androgynous style emerged this season in his signature black, white and grey with notes of romantic blush pink.

2. Fun, easy and beach babe-approved, Bodybag by Jude took us to the ocean with her surfer-inspired theme. Must have for the season? The denim halter-top zip-up short jumpsuit.

3. Wrinkled fabrics, washed pleats and sheer layers softened Unttld’s black and white collection with strategic peek-a-book draping.

4. Celebrity stylist and creative director Annie Horth spoke to a packed room at College Lasalle (her alma mater) about breaking into the fashion business, developing relationships (notably with her star client Céline Dion) and how to work your way up from the bottom of the ladder. Memorable quote: “Show that you’re a hard-worker, that you get things done. These are qualities that people remember.”

5. Equal parts fashion boutique and buyers’ showroom, new initiative Cabinet Éphémère showcased the city’s crème de la crème – including Duy, Marie Saint Pierre, Barilà, Eve Gravel, Hip & Bone, Philippe Dubuc, There Are Many Of Us and Harricana – in the former Parisien Cinema,

6. Old Montreal is emerging as fashion central. Dick Walsh’s Flash Mode presentation at Auberge Saint-Gabriel put a hyper-glam spotlight, literally, on models dressed in such designers as Ralph Leroy, Denis Gagnon and Melissa Nepton.

7. New York-based Caroline Constas added a little bit of Manhattan to the mix with tailored jackets atop full mini-skirts and fun fabric play with geese printed on both opaque and sheer layers.

8. Xavier Laruelle is one to watch, especially after one of his dresses appeared on the red carpet in Cannes last May. Still a baby at 21 years old, the couture-schooled Montrealer showed sophistication in his minimalist designs, careful folds or draping and womanly silhouettes.

9. Nobody does hip-hop chic for ladies and gents like Travis Taddeo – if that’s a thing. Props to him for staging his models on podiums (in clusters of blue, black and white) in lieu of having them strut up and down the runway. The set-up allowed for up-close-and-personal connections with the clothes – and fabulous Instagrams.

10. Martin Lim’s breath-taking finale paired black tank dresses with vaporous white crop blouses that billowed in the back like angels’ wings.

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