Montreal: A fantasy shop

If I could live in store, then I know this boutique would be my home. With a minimalist design, big wood letters spelling out the shop name, a Victorian-inspired black and beige couch hanging in the middle of the room and amazing designer clothes all around, boy oh boy have I found my fashion nest! Amélie Thellen and Mélanie Robillard’s, Unicorn (5135 St-Laurent Blvd, 514-544-2828, has found a sweet niche right on the main drag in the heart of Mile-End. Carrying local, national and international designers (such as Eve Gravel, Minimarket, WESC, Lifetime, Dace and more), the shop, which launched last year, offers also an amazing selection of vintage clothing and bags, carefully picked by the two owners. Inspired by their social conscience, Thellen and Robillard also started the monthly CollectiveUNI nights, where women meet to develop their creative side by knitting, sewing, make jewellery, food and so on. A great activity for a tourist in town who’s looking for an inside look at Montrealers! To keep my blog tradition alive, I asked Amélie if she could answer some of my questions with just a few words:

Describe the essence of Unicorn in one word: Simplicity

Your favorite piece in the store right now? This amazing recycled leather purse from Ashley Watson called the Small Phoebe.

Who’s playing in your store? Moto Boy, Jenny Wilson, The Bethlehem Beard Corporation, Rubies, Jaymay, Fleet Foxes, Zeigeist

If Unicorn could be reincarnated in a fashion muse, who would it be? Audrey Hepburn

Your favorite local fashion designer? Eve Gravel

Your favorite fashion designer from beyond? Minimarket

A motto in life? You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don’t take.

To know more about the CollectiveUNI nights, join their newsletter by sending your name to [email protected].

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