Model minute: Lauren Berntzen

Name: Lauren Berntzen

Agency: Sutherland Models

Where you’ve seen her: Lauren, who recently moved to Toronto from British Columbia, shot a look book for eco-fashion label Thieves earlier this fall, and appears in our holiday Style Studio video series.

Where have you travelled for your modelling career?
“Modeling has taken me to Japan, China, Greece, the USA, France, Switzerland and England.”

Is there an experience that stands out?
“It’s difficult to pick an outstanding moment, but I do have very pleasant memories of riding a bike through a deserted Milano on a holiday. Coming from B.C. originally, I would also have to say that my experience in Toronto so far has been absolutely splendid.”

Which designer would you love to work with?
“Sonia Rykiel. She inspires me to wear colour and play with my own personal style.”

What books have your read recently?
“The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (for the 90th time, I swear).”

What song is currently on repeat on your iPod?
“‘I’m So Hot For Her’ by the Rolling Stones.”

What is your favourite movie?
“Paris, Je T’aime and  Exotica. Atom Egoyan is amazing. For comedy I like The Big Lebowski.”

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