Big bag backlash: Why the mini trend is taking over

Fendi Spring 2016 by Peter Stigter

Apple Pay launched in Canada earlier this week, which means that American Express cardholders will now be able to tap pay with their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. While this development may be unfavourable for certain accessories (ahem, wallets), it is actually very conducive to this season’s obsession with pint-sized purses. Shown on the runways at Fendi, Chloé, and Céline, baby bags were the carryall du jour—with the minor caveat being that they, of course, don’t carry very much at all.

After years of the Olsens popularizing bags bigger than most downtown apartments, the backlash against colossal totes comes as no surprise. We carry our lives around like pack mules so that inevitably, whatever we end up actually needing is perpetually trapped at the bottom of our bags. Earbuds are always tangled, lipgloss lids caked with crud, and sunglasses irreparably scratched. The solution? Streamline.

Whittle away all excessive paraphernalia down to the essential trifecta: keys, lipgloss, and phone. Besides, what could better embody glamour than a modern day minaudière? It evokes images of drivers in town cars, personal assistants, and an insouciant attitude that would never stoop to the likes of schlepping. So take the plunge and ditch the hefty handbags—we promise there’s nothing more liberating!