Milan Fashion Week: The top 5 trends at the Fall 2016 shows

Photography by Peter Stigter

There was a barrage of maximalism on the Fall 2016 runways during Milan Fashion Week. A visual flamboyance dominated this season, from Gucci to Versace. Opulence, luxury and aristocracy ruled amongst designers and street style stars who have become the style inspiration of many, thanks to their rich party girl-personas and limitless fashion budgets. These street girls also don’t dress for one occasion, and designers have caught on to this state of mind.

Gone are the days where you could pull out a single theme or trend in a collection, then highlight the common thread amongst a handful of designers. Today’s inspiration comes from many sources, including eras, people and places, and thus several ideas and references are merged into one collection. It’s a new philosophy that has the fashion world headed in every direction. The industry is experiencing a shift, and this new ideology seems to align with our craving for individualism and diversity. From The Gucci Effect to bold colour, click through our top five  things to know about Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016.

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