Swarovski Holiday Collection

Milan Fashion Week Opens With the Sparkliest Party Ever

Swarovski opens Milan Fashion Week with a crystal-embossed affair at an Italian villa.

As far as fashion dinners go, Swarovski’s Crystal Wonderland Event, held at a historic Italian villa, 45 minutes outside of Milan will go down as the sparkliest event of our lives. As we entered the villa, the first thing we saw was a two-storey tall Christmas tree adorned with images of the diverse individuals featured in the brand’s new holiday campaign #BrillianceForAll. Champagne flutes with crystal stems were passed around, selfie-spots featured shimmery wall coverings or crystal curtains while our dinner table used paper-weight quality stars as centerpieces.

Campaign star Karlie Kloss held court at the party as did friends like Canadian-model Maye Musk, former FASHION cover star Jourdan Dunn, model Fei Fei Sun, as well as influencer Bryanboy and 80s icons Naomi Campbell and Boy George. Even villa owner, and former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi was seen in the crowd. Diversity was a key talking point to this particular Swarovski campaign as evidenced by the mix of talent and range of product offerings. The Remix collection, for instance, includes magnetic ends that can attach or detach. Pieces can be worn long around the neck or short on a wrist. That particular line was a favourite of singer Daya (best known for her work on Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down” hit), she said Remix came in especially handy while killing time during campaign shoots in New York. It’s Daya’s rendition of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” that you’ll hear in the official video and promotional material.

“I love rings, my fingers are never without them,” said Daya who appeared at the party in a Swarovski encrusted mini-sheath dress. “I wore a lot of chokers and necklaces growing up,” she said. “I have four sisters so there was always jewellery in the house. We all borrowed each other’s, and lost each others.” She also grew up in a  multi-ethnic family and knows the need for diversity in fashion.

“Part of my family is from New Delhi, there wasn’t a lot of diversity when I think about it,” she says of her upbringing in Pittsburg. “Looking back now I think that’s so strange. In the entertainment industry alone there are so many different artists of different backgrounds and colours.”

Click below for more pictures from the Swarovski Crystal Wonderland outside Milan, Italy.