Photography courtesy of ImaxTree

We’ve Rounded Up the Best Street Style at Milan Fashion Week

It’s hard to speak about Milan and not mention the gravitational pull it has towards all things fashion. The Quadrilateral d’oro–or the Golden Triangle–is a Mecca for anyone who cares deeply about personal style, and whether you’re looking for Valentino or Prada, you’ll find it here. It’s a district that houses a staggering amount of luxury goods.

Toronto, New York, London, Paris–the past few weeks have been a non-stop style parade. But through it all, we’ve been anxiously awaiting this Italian city’s turn at Fashion Week. So before you hit your sartorial limit (if it even exists) don’t tap out before Milan Fashion Week is over–it’s delivering some of the best street style so far. Check out our favourite off-runway snaps below.




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