Photography courtesy of A24

Dress Like You’re in a Swedish Cult With These Midsommar-inpired Pieces

Ari Aster's latest horror flick is our summer outfit inspiration.

Ari Aster’s Midsommar is the latest horror flick scaring the bejeezus out of moviegoers thanks to its combination of ominous tension, graphic violence and strikingly beautiful cinematography.  A rural Swedish village acts as the film’s unlikely backdrop, providing the movie with a bright colour palette and an appealing minimal aesthetic. Cults and sacrifices aside, one of the most compelling aspects of the film are the clothes. In particular, the crisp white embroidered peasant blouses, dresses and skirts (based on traditional Swedish folk dress) worn by the Hårga cult-following characters.  As it happens, Midsommar‘s prairie dresses, sprawling green fields, and flower crowns constitute our dream summer aesthetic. While joining this cult wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice (we hope), taking inspiration from the outfits just might be.

Here are 20 blouses, dresses, and skirts you can buy to mimic the style of Midsommar‘s seemingly-idyllic Swedish villagers.


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