MFW diary: It’s automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic! Flaming heels amongst the hits at Prada

Photography by Keystone Press
Photography by Keystone Press

In case you haven’t heard: Prada was hot! Flaming hot! Miuccia Prada knew she had us when she came out for her bow—a warm and knowing smile on her lips. And had us she did.

Before the show, would I have dreamed of desiring a satin varsity jacket with airbrushed flames shooting out the back? Not on your life. So why is it, hours after the show, I can think of nothing but? Such is the genius of Mrs. Prada—the ability to take something that could be cutesy or kitsch and subtly render it sublime. From the Styrofoam cars and auto-mechanic set, to the last flame-throwing needle-nose stiletto the spring collection was “Go Grease Lightning” through and through.

Just like Grease‘s Sandy and Rizzo, the nuts and bolts were both tough and tender. For Sandy, sweet and fresh soft-pleated pastel skirts, eyelet and lace-applique coats, jewelled retro-rompers, strapless bustiers mixed with slim-cut skirts. For Rizzo, auto appliques, airbrushed “pink lady” jackets, and of course, the flame-throwing stilettos.

By the finale, the normally jaded editors and buyers were swooning from their red cube seats. One thing’s for sure. Mrs. Prada sure knows how to drive a season!

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