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This Mermaid Cafe is the Most Magical Place on Earth

"Darlin' it's better down where it's wetter."

Do you dream of growing a tail and forfeiting the ability to breath oxygen? (Or like, do you appreciate a cute Instagram aesthetic?) If so, we’ve found the place for you! Next time you’re in Thailand, skip the pad thai and 13th century temples and head to the Mermaid Cafe and Island in Pathum Thani, just north of Bangkok.

Upon enterting, guests are given mermaid tails to wear as they lounge in the brightly coloured, underwater-esque cafe.

You’ll look like a mermaid, and you’ll eat like a mermaid: the cafe serves multi-coloured waffles, oyster shaped macaroons, and rainbow topped tie dye milk shakes.

Let your tail free and your hair loose, and you’ll be the ~coolest~ mermaid of them all.

Beach please ?????

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They also sell all types of mermaid merch, because (as advertised in their Insta bio) Mermaid Castle x Island is a “multi brand.”

Perhaps the best part of all…YOU CAN BRING YOUR DOG!!! The only thing holding me back from growing gills was the fact that my dog can’t swim. Mermaid Cafe x Island solves that problem with loosely enforced health codes.

BRB, booking the first flight to Thailand.

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