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Meet Armie Hammer’s New Love: Tracksuits

Surprise, athleisure's a good look on him

We all have our go-tos. For some it’s that perfectly worn-in pair of boyfriend jeans. For others it’s a classic button-down. For Armie Hammer, star of Call Me By Your Name and the internet’s dream man, it’s ‘80s-style Adidas tracksuits. He’s been rocking these comfy matching sets all over Italy and France this past week. We tracked the tracksuit on its epic journey.

It all started with this black Adidas set—perfect long-haul flight attire—as the Call Me By Your Name team set off on their Europe press tour.

Mafiosos in transit

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You think tracksuits are just for the airport? Pssh. Armie is here to prove otherwise.

“Hello, Style, it’s me again….” 📸 @tchalamet

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Not many dudes can rock head-to-toe red but if anyone can, it’s this guy.

Posh Spice//Sporty Spice 🖤❤️

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He’s already proved he’s not afraid of colour, but if you still had doubts, take a peek at this baby blue number.

Like any good wife, Elizabeth Chambers is here to feed her husband’s obsession. We see plenty more “les trackies” in Hammer’s future.