Photography Courtesy of Simons

Three Marimekko Pop-Ups Have Arrived in Canada

After attending a Marimekko fashion presentation in Paris earlier this year, I now know what it’s like to step into an alternate reality. The legendary Finnish company (founded in 1951) has grown beyond its psychedelic red poppy print and into a lifestyle brand. That’s why every Marimekko fan who attended the presentation—regardless of height, age or colour—moved about in a roomy tunic or an oversized shirt and accessories that emphasized ease and comfort with just a smidge of “Look at me.” Even the Champagne was served in tall, thin bottle-green “flutes” that were practical yet inconspicuous and so chic. The Marimekko world is intoxicating, and now, Simons is giving Canadians a glimpse of the brand with three pop-ups (Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ont., Place Ste-Foy in Quebec City and CF Rideau Centre in Ottawa) that feature fashion plus Marimekko home furnishings from Winnipeg retailer EQ3 in a dedicated space. The merchandise will be updated monthly to reflect the season and the life we all want to live.

The Marimekko pop-ups are now open and will run through the holidays until January 2019.

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