Made in the Dark

Made in the Dark by Hot Chip

The third full-length release from these hipster club favourites, Made in the Dark takes Hot Chip’s poppy electro stylez to a new quirky level. Expectations were high after the success of their eminently danceable Mercury Prize-nominated album The Warning and it s single “Over and Over,” and the boys don’t disappoint.

They churn out several signature infectious tracks like “Shake a Fist” and “Ready for the Floor,” but also seem determined to remind listeners that they’re not just a disco-infused computer group – they are dance rockers, goddamnit, and you are going to hear some frickin’ guitars. Their range is wider this time, with both wilder and heavier sounds and a healthy dollop of their sweet side – first on display with the touching tune “Crap Kraft Dinner” from their debut–with several intimate ballads (“In the Privacy of Our Love” and “We’re Looking for a Lot of Love”). My one complaint would be that irritating robot voice that interrupts several otherwise perfectly danceable tracks. Ok, Computer. We get it.

Shown: The Hot Chip Boys, photography by Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle (EMI)

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