Luxe Be A Lady

In the fast-paced world of fashion and style, a good party is très necessaire. After all, with do-or-die deadlines, hectic travel schedules and countless photo shoots, the FASHION felines rarely get a chance to kick up our five-inch heels. So when the invitation arrived to celebrate Escada’s redesigned flagship store in Toronto, I threw on something fresh and fizzy (think: a bright tank and tulip skirt), and made my way down the red carpet rollout at 110 Bloor St. W. for a glass of bubbly and a glance at the pre-fall buys.

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Established in 1976, Escada is continuing its evolution as a modern, contemporary luxury brand with this elegant updated retail interior. The open concept staircase and the spacious expanses of glass greet customers at the storefront, making for a rather grand stage. And, as any woman worth her feminine wiles knows, an evening out is all about the entrance and the exit. The Escada crowd was a party platter of high fashion and high society buzzing about the best new frocks and facelifts seen in the store that evening.

After my staircase sashay up to the second floor, my eyes fell upon the most darling of mini handbags: a white frame bag with jet black glossy trim–perfect for the lady who lunches and lands the deal. The modern Escada woman wears many hats (and apparently handbags as well).

Later that evening, despite the fact that I left the store empty handed–sadly my crush was held captive on a luscious lacquer shelf–I concluded that the event was an affair to remember. Back on Bloor Street, I looked around at my stylish surroundings. The Escada store is neatly tucked in among its fashionable high-end neighbours. It makes a girl want to click her strappy heels together three times and say there’s no place like home.

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