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With These Leggings, You Can Go From Spin Class to Brunch and Not Feel Gross

Confession: I usually wait to shower at home post-workout. Part of this is due to laziness, but it’s mostly because public showers really gross me out (except for Barry’s Bootcamp Toronto showers, which are so ??, I happily use them every time I’m there…but I digress).

Now here’s part two of the confession: often times, I don’t actually change out of my workout leggings because I feel weird putting on a pair of fresh pants when I’m still sweaty and gross (TMI, but I’m sure many of you are the same.) But after a really sweaty workout sesh or gym class, this means wearing wet leggings home (again, TMI). As you can imagine (or already know), it’s not exactly comfortable and most likely not hygienic, but I’m not even going to go there.

However, when I was introduced to Lululemon’s new Everlux fabric a couple of months ago, they pretty much changed everything for me. They wicked away my sweat so fast I could actually go out for food post-workout without feeling disgusting, despite not changing or showering.

Available in Lululemon’s In Movement 7/8 Tight ($108), the In Movement Crop ($98), and the In Movement Short ($54), the Everlux fabric is designed to be more comfortable in low-airflow, high-humidity and high-heat environments (a.k.a. spin or hot yoga class). Created by Lululemon’s research and development team, Whitespace, the Everlux fabric features a “unique yarn combination” that not only pulls sweat away from your skin, but also disperses it in different directions so it can evaporate more quickly. And because of the double fabric, it feels “cool-to-the-touch” on the inside, but super soft on the outside.

“We concerned ourselves with the unique environment that the studio presents. It contains lots of bodies, not much air movement and lots of sweat,” said Tom Waller, senior vice president of Whitespace, in a statement. “Everlux is awesome at feeling inherently cool and then moving moisture in all directions and away from the skin when sweat starts to flow.”

lululemon everlux
Photography courtesy of Lululemon

Like I said earlier, I’ve been wearing these leggings for the past couple of months, at least once a week, for numerous types of workouts (Barry’s, spin class, muay thai, HIIT boxing and more). And let me tell you, they truly are “magic,” as Lululemon describes. Usually, by the end of a high-intensity class, my leggings are soaked… and even if I change out of them, they’re still wet by the time I get home. My Everlux pair, however, keeps me cool and dry throughout and after class, meaning I feel less guilty for not changing out of my pants right away. I received them in the In Movement 7/8 style, and the high-waisted fit is super flattering and comfortable for wear (and no, they’re not see-through).

Sure, they’re $108, but considering how well they’ve performed (especially after many washes), I would most definitely shell out the cash for them.

The In Movement 7/8 Tight, In Movement Crop and In Movement Short in Everlux fabric are available at Lululemon store and online at