Photography via Imax Tree

Los Angeles May Be the Next City to Go Fur-Free

"When Los Angeles speaks, the world listens"

It may be sacrilege to say that Anna Wintour is off-trend on anything, but when it comes to her love for fur, she lies in the (shrinking) minority. Since the beginning of 2018 alone, scores of luxury brands have disassociated with the controversial fabric, including the likes Burberry, Versace and Gucci. They join a growing list of fur-free designers who are taking a stand against animal cruelty.

But it’s not just designers. In fact, entire cities have rejected the sale of these goods. West Hollywood was the first to ban the sale of fur back in 2011, relinquishing an estimated two million dollars of profit a year. The city of São Paulo in Brazil followed suit in 2015, despite being one of the world’s largest producers of chinchilla fur and earlier this year a board of supervisors in San Francisco also voted to ban sales of the material within its city limits.

California seems to be leading the charge here, with Los Angeles set up to be the next potential city to join the fur-free party. This Tuesday, city council voted on whether or not they thought LA should ban sales of fur within their city limits. The vote came back in total agreement, with all board members deciding the practice should be stopped.

Officially, we still have to wait and see how everything shakes out–CBS LA states that the ordinance would need to be drafted by the city attorney’s office and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti. But as of right now, everything looks very promising.

“When Los Angeles speaks, the world listens, and it’s now the largest and most notable city to tell the world that fur is dead,” PETA said in a statement.