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Lindsey Wixson Quits Modelling to Pursue a Career in Pottery

Goodbye, fashion world

Lindsey Wixson, the Chanel muse and international model best known for her gap-toothed smile, is retiring from the fashion industry at the age of 23.

After eight years modelling for the likes of Dior, Versace, Fendi, and just about any other house you can think of, Wixson is calling it quits to focus on her creative impulses which include designing interiors and pottery.

In an Instagram post addressed to fans, Wixson announced her retirement, stating: “This industry has brought me so much and I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. Now more than ever I feel it is important to listen to my body and the changing times of this industry and peacefully try to move on.”

And just what is her body telling her? Wixson has been known to take the odd tumble on the catwalk before but always picked herself up with a cheeky smile and healthy dose of humour. However this less discussed part of the job has regrettably taken its toll. After being told injuries to her foot will only worsen from the strain of runway modeling, Wixson figured it was time to hang up her heels for good.

Thanks Dr. Pace! I finally earned my first boot. ? #modellife #8years

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@micol.ceramics showing me all the ins and outs. #ceramics

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Although it’s sure to be a bittersweet moment for the American model, she claims that her “disability has come to [her] with a purpose.” With more free time to spend perfecting her skills, we’re interested in seeing what else she can create. To track Wixson’s next steps, check out her Instagram page @wixsondesign for all the mugs your heart desires.

Thank you @micol.ceramics for sharing your glazes! #moretocome?

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