lightweight jackets for summer
Photography via ImaxTree

15 Lightweight Jackets For Those Chilly Summer Nights

Imagine this. You’re out with a group of friends on a scorching mid-July day, not a cloud in sight. The day goes a lot longer than planned and it’s now evening. Left in the chilly abyss, you question every life choice leading up to the fateful moment where you’re now left without a jacket.

Sounds like a rough go, amiright? Lucky for you, I have had my fair share of #regrets in all my impracticality, so I’m here to make sure the same doesn’t happen to you. Not only can a jacket bring your look from a 6/10 to a 26/10, but you’ll remain comfortable so you can freely enjoy your night out on the town. Don’t think you need to be lugging around a parka with you – there are plenty of lightweight (and super cute!) options whatever your style is.

Shop our favourite lightweight jackets below!