Photography Courtesy of Levi's

Make Your Denim as Unique as You Are With Levi’s In-Store DIY Workshops

Finding the perfect pair of jeans or denim jacket can take some serious shopping prowess for even the most savvy fashionistas. From distressed and artsy, to tailored and sexy, we all have our own personal take on how our ultimate denim should look and feel. Ready to take things into your own hands? With the help of Levi’s expert tailors, you can now learn how to DIY the denim of your dreams.

Levi’s is now offering a series of DIY workshops through the in-store Tailor Shops in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton where you can learn about different methods of customizing, tailoring and repairing denim. In these workshops you’ll gain the necessary skills to make your denim just as unique as you are.

Photography Courtesy of Levi’s

Each week, the pros at Levi’s will teach a different technique that will level up your DIY skills. There’s Distressing 101 where you can learn how to fatigue a new pair of jeans to look perfectly-worn-in; Embroidery 101 which will teach you how to customize your favourite piece of denim with some  inspired stitches; Patching 101 where you will learn to salvage veteran denim with creative patches; and Tailoring 101, where you’ll learn easy fixes for the perfect fit. For anyone whose favourite denim needs some TLC there’s a Denim 911 workshop where Levi’s tailors will teach you how to patch, stitch and fix. 

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Not only will you learn how to personalize your own wardrobe – you’ll be able to do the same for others too. Customizing a pair of classic jeans or a jean jacket for your friends and family is the ultimate way to demonstrate how special they are to you. After all, there’s nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift.  This holiday season, Levi’s will be adding workshops on personalization and getting your denim Holiday ready.

If you’re in the Toronto, Calgary or Edmonton area, sign up for Levi’s DIY workshops online today and learn all the tricks of the trade to make your clothing stand out. After all, nothing says perfect jeans more than a pair you’ve personalized yourself.