13 Lemonade Recipes You Need to Try This Weekend

Photography via bakerbynature.com

ICYMI, lemonade sales have increased for two Florida-based companies since Beyoncé dropped her album, Lemonade, last month. This is not a joke. Can we expect lemonade stand prices to spike as kids capitalize on renewed interest in the curbside fave? Either way, bless Queen Bey for allowing small businesses to flourish. In light of this news, and since it’s gorgeous outside why not kick back with a glass of the refreshing yummy beverage? Whether you’re a fan of slushies or into a splash of spirits we’ve got you covered (never fear teetotallers, we’ve thrown in a few virgin concoctions too). Check out the gallery below for some delicious—and aesthetically pleasing—lemonade recipes to whip up this weekend and all summer long.

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