Motivational bikinis? Introducing Leilanni’s swim collection, bound to inspire positive vibes


Every summer, itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis crop on racks everywhere to remind us of dreaded swim season. But what if swimwear inspired us to do something other than work on our abs and tone our buns? That’s where Toronto-based designer Leilanni Todd steps in.

Todd’s “Yes! Project” is a limited edition swimwear collection, which she created in collaboration with artists from around the world meant to inspire people to realize their creativity, follow their inner bliss, and commit to saying, “Yes!” to whatever it is they want in life. Too much to ask from a one piece? Considering how much we ask of ourselves to even get into one, we think not.

The project came about as a result of Todd’s search for a sense of connection and purpose in her own life, after she began to stop doing what others said she “should” do, and start saying Yes! to her own creative intuition. Todd’s collaboration celebrates her fellow artists ability to trust the voice that says, “Yes! I can do this” and inspires others to do the same.

The first release of the eco-friendly suits (Todd’s dyeing technique uses no water) features artists Andrew Kidder, Maiko Gubler, Clay Hickson, and the Low Bros who use Miami Vice-like graffiti and new-age influences to create compelling bikinis and one-pieces defined by graphics and ‘80s inspired prints. The unique pop designs embody the core values of the Yes! Project – community, inspiration, positive vibes, bliss and trusting yourself enough to say, “Yes!” (got it yet?)

Todd’s modern take on the retro look allows you to soak up the sun in style by day, and then layer your suit with a pair of shorts for the illusion of a cool music festival-appropriate bodysuit or crop top by night. Either way, the collection leaves us eager to grab our SPF and head to the beach (and maybe go create something of our own while we’re at it).

Browse Leilanni’s swim collection below:

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