Introducing Kenzodiac: Fashion’s latest reason to be obsessed with astrology

In case you haven’t noticed, astrology has become a major thing within the fashion crowd over the past couple of years. While it was once considered silly to consult the stars (or rather,  to consult astrologers who understand the stars) before making big changes in relationships, career and living situations, it’s now completely acceptable—and obviously chic—to do so.

Taking that one step further is Parisian It brand Kenzo, who recently launched Kenzodiac, an astrological site that fuses the stars with fashion (a deliciously intriguing sentence if I’ve ever written one). It features sketches by artist Julien Ceccaldi and offers monthly horoscope readings for each sign about the usual mysteries of life, love, money, career, as well as, duh, fashion.

While the fashion industry’s recent fascination with the stars may have initially caused some eye-rolling among those of us who have been following astrology for years (whatever, it’s fine; I’m not mad), these days it’s so common to see designers (such as Pamela Love and Charlotte Olympia) incorporating astrological symbols into their designs. Combining fashion and the zodiac in such an integrated way actually seems like an organic next step.

Consider this the end of your style ruts; it’s in the universe’s hands now. Kenzodiac recommends Kenzo pieces to readers based on the trials and tribulations each sign is set to experience that month, because the internet is a beautiful place.