Introducing the Karl Lagerfeld online game. Yeah, really

Are you a fashion kid who is not so secretly obsessed with Candy Crush? Well, we have a stylish distraction for you.

Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld has launched an online game called Je Veux Les Lunettes de Karl (I Want Karl’s Sunglasses) in partnership with his French eyewear distributor Optic 2000. Uncle Karl wows us yet again.

As known for his signature black shades as his outrageous blunt one-liners, the game features a Tokidoki animated version of the Lagerfeld dressed in his sleek black ensemble complete with a Tokidoki belt and Kaiser-like voiceover.

Curious to see what’s under those sunglasses? Now you can. Or at least you can try. Though the game is in French, there is only one goal to the game: remove those sunglasses. With his elegant combat skills and his endless negative comments when you fail (“You really need glasses,” and “Karl has no more time for you” are only just a couple), he’s sure to knock down our self-esteem a few notches.

Think you got what it takes? Go ahead and play the game while discovering Karl Lagerfeld’s sunglasses collection. You know you wanna.

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