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Jordyn Woods Is Ready To Be Your New Best Friend

The Life of Kylie star is ready for her turn in the spotlight

Jordyn Woods seems like the kind of girl that could be your BFF, only she’s not—she’s Kylie Jenner’s. But that’s not the way she wants you to know her. Jordyn is ready to step out into her own spotlight, which includes taking on the runways at NYFW and changing the plus-size industry in a big way. At only 20 and 4.1 million followers and counting on Instagram, it’s clear that Jordyn is just getting started on a career that’s shaping up to be major. We caught up with her in Toronto where she was promoting the latest Jordyn Woods x Nola collaboration at Addition Elle. Below, Woods tells it like it is in her own words.

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When you were younger was there a model you looked up to, saying “I want to do what she’s doing?”

Modeling came kind of organically for me. I never in a million years thought I would be walking in any runway shows. When I was growing up there weren’t any role models that really looked like me that were relatable, just these super high-fashion models that I know that I will never look like, nor do I want to. It’s just not a realistic goal. So I didn’t really have any role models growing up.

Do you have a role model like that now?

Being in the industry now, I know nothing is what you think it is. I see the behind-the-scenes of it, so I don’t really have one person that I look up to. Anyone who is fearless and doing whatever they want to be doing, and not taking ‘No,’ for an answer is really a role model to me.

We’re starting to see more diversity on the runway, but do you think we’re seeing enough of it?

I think we’re seeing more, but I don’t think we’re seeing enough. I think a lot of companies are scared of maybe their colleagues or society judging them, because they’re not ready to push boundaries. I have seen more diversity of skin colour, gender and even some different body types, but I do think we have a long way to go.

Speaking of changing things up in fashion, you’re here to celebrate a collab. How did you partner up with Addition Elle?

This is our second collection. I modeled for Addition Elle originally, and I saw that the clothing was all really good quality. Every outfit I tried on, I liked the fit. I thought, “You know what? It just makes sense for us to collaborate.” It just happened. They contacted me and now, look at life. It worked out.

What’s you’re favourite piece in the collection, and how have you been styling it?

The varsity jacket is my fave because it’s also surprisingly pretty warm. It’s cold out here! I dressed it up with my heels and my jeans, but I could also wear this to the airport later.

On Life of Kylie, you talked a lot about breaking out and working on your own projects. Do you feel you’re doing that now?

I definitely have a list of things that I want to accomplish, but everything takes time. The fact is, there are many opportunities that are presented, but I don’t just jump on any of them. At the end of the day, you can do whatever you want for money, but it’s never about that for me. It’s about staying true to my goal and to my image. Yes, I’m breaking into my own, but it’s all about timing. Timing is everything.

Photo Courtesy of Addition Elle

How would you describe your beauty routine?

I like to think that I’m so not high-maintenance. Now that I think back, I’m thinking, “Yes, I’m kind of high-maintenance.” I need my lashes done, my nails, my hair, my eyebrows, but when all those things are done, I really focus on skincare the most. When I’m at home and not doing much, I won’t really put on makeup. It’s important to find a skincare routine that works best for your skin type. What works for you might not work for other people. You can’t sleep in your makeup. I don’t like to over-wash my face, but I always stay moisturized. My biggest thing is hydrating skin. Once my skincare is done, it just takes me 20 minutes, and then I’m good to go.

What are some of your favourite products?

For foundation, I’ve been using NARS. I use their creamy concealer. I love the NARS products because they go on light but they’re buildable if you want heavier coverage. For brows I use Anastasia’s brow gel and pencil. For skincare, I use Kiehl’s. I also just started using this brand it’s French…[pauses].


Yes! Exactly. I didn’t know how to pronounce it [laughing]. I’m really in an experimental mode where I’m just trying everything out.

What’s your favourite Kylie Lip Kit colour right now?

She just released so many good ones that I can’t even keep up. At first it was easy, but now I’m like “there’s so many, your brand is huge.” I’m not even being biased, the red Mary Jo is the absolute best red colour I’ve ever used. Any time, I want a red lip that’s my go-to. Ginger is also a really good colour. It’s like an orange.

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What’s your #1 tip for taking the best Instagram pics?

Figure out your angles and what works for you. Make sure whoever is taking your photo takes a lot. I take like 50 photos to get one good one. It’s really just finding the correct lighting and your correct angles. Once you know, you can look good anywhere.

This past year you’ve had some ups and downs. How do you pick yourself back up when things don’t go your way?

Honestly, we all want things to go our way. It never fully goes our way, and it’s all about just remaining true to yourself, your goals and what you want. This year, there were so many downs for me, but I had to remain focused on all of the positive things that were happening. Even if positive things aren’t happening for you at the time, don’t make permanent decisions when you’re in a negative headspace. You’ll get through it. Stay positive and surround yourself with people that love you. That’s life. You just gotta keep going.

What’s next?

Man, that’s a good question because I kind of want to do everything. A hobby of mine now is DJing, so I’ve been DJing and designing. I would love to do something in skincare. There are some collabs coming. I’m trying to start a YouTube channel, but I’m just so bad at it. So bad. What else? There’s a lot coming.

Photo Courtesy of Addition Elle