We get the scoop on Joe Fresh’s addictive Spring 2013 commercials (that song! the models! those dance moves!)

In the days of PVR it’s got to be near impossible to break the impenetrable attention span of TV watchers, but Canadian megabrand Joe Fresh seems to have done it with a slew of bouncy new commercials. Inciting Twitter buzz, Google searches and even a YouTube remake, Spring 2013’s ads have that same je ne se quoi as Gap’s mid-nineties “Khakis Swing” commercials. The song! The models! Those vibrant colours! It seems that everyone wants to know more, and we’re here to give our readers some answers.

Here’s the breakdown:

The team:
An A-team effort from lauded photographer Steven Sebring, Joe Fresh art director Jason Losser and stylist Adrienne Shoom, the six 30 second TV spots are meant to make “the bright and colourful hues of the collection come to life.”

The song:
The ultra catchy Balkan-meets-electro “Bom Bom” by Brit-based Sam and the Womp was first used on the Spring 2013 Joe Fresh runway. Creative director Joe Mimran loved it so much that the brand used it again in the commercials. “It was the catchiest and grooviest song from the show, impossible to resist its beat, and super-up beat lyrics. It was infectious,” says Losser. “We knew we had an interesting mash-up on our hands and one of the hottest new tracks from London that just hit the charts in the UK [but] relatively unheard of in Canada and the US at the time.” You can watch the video here.

Those kooky dances:
Wes Veldink, a choreographer who has previously worked with Michael Jackson, was inspired by dance sequences from the 1950s including Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding, Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and Gwen Verdon in Damn Yankees. “They weren’t necessarily dance steps. They were interesting movements. And they were energetic and light-hearted. They were joyous moves,” says Losser.

The models:
Alexander Johansson (a mainstay on the menswear runways), Sara Blomqvist (she recently fronted Carven’s campaign), Karlina Caune (we loved her in Tom Ford’s latest ads) and Julija Step star in the adult spots.

You can see all of the commercials on Joe Fresh’s YouTube page. Though we couldn’t resist including another below: