JAG Models: The agency putting the “straight size” vs. “plus size” debate to rest

JAG Models Agency
JAG Models Agency

Over the past year, a select few plus-size models—think: Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, and Ashley Graham—have been making breaks for the spotlight in mainstream fashion. From Vogue Italy to Ralph Lauren, these women have nabbed some of the biggest typically straight size (definition: 0-4) jobs in the biz. Though their work is a step forward for all women, plus-size models haven’t been accepted into high fashion as a whole.

The limited exposure of plus-size women in the market often makes it seem like there are only a handful of plus-size models working in the industry. On the contrary, there are a number of plus-size agencies with an even bigger number of curvy models working in New York’s modeling mecca.

To shed some light on these women, we’re setting out to profile the top up-and-coming plus-size models to watch within profiles of agencies that recognize their beauty. Today, we take a look at New York agency JAG Models’ top five girls on the rise.

JAG Model Agency Chloe Marshall
Photography by Susan Bowlus

The Brit
Chloe Marshall, 23

Hometown: Surrey, United Kingdom

Views on the plus-size industry: I think the plus size industry is amazing because it’s really opening up peoples’ minds. It shows reality! We are showing a healthy body image and promoting a way of life in which people can see a curvy girl in a magazine. No matter what size you are, you are beautiful and I hope it’s showing young girls growing up that if you aren’t the normal skinny girl on the front of a magazine then you aren’t any less of a person.

Favourite thing to do in New York: I have a dog so I always enjoy taking her to the dog park on second avenue or when I really want to spoil her I love taking her to Central Park to play in the grass. I love the Standard beer garden for a little cocktail and girly gossip with friends.

Beauty trick: Use an interdental flossing brush dipped in mascara for your lower lashes. It gets every single lash perfectly! I use this trick all the time for castings so that my eyes don’t look over done, but a little dab of mascara just makes my eyes pop.

JAG Model Agency Philomena Kwao

The Hair
Philomena Kwao, 24

Hometown: Deptford, London, United Kingdom

Beauty trick: I always over-moisturize at night. I put on a thick layer of Garnier pure moisturizer on before I sleep and again in the morning after I shower. It keeps my skin fresh and glowy. It also helps fade out any blemishes.

Best piece of advice: Be willing to go against the grain and take calculated risks because it’s always better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. I apply these thoughts in every aspect of my life, and so far, so good.

Views on the plus-size industry: I think the plus-size industry is a force for positivity and I’m excited about its growth and acceptance into mainstream fashion. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us and I hope the positive changes keep coming—and spreads into music and film.

JAG Model Agency Molly Constable

The Wonderkid
Molly Constable, 19

Hometown: Tannersville, New York

Best piece of advice: Always stick to being yourself. Try to stick out in a crowd and be different than the rest!

Beauty tip: My beauty regime is simple! I don’t really use much make-up. I like my skin natural, so I try to eat healthy and drink a ton of water. I also love a maroon lip, it goes with everything.

Styling tip: Black, layering, and wearing what ever expresses the mood you’re in.

JAG Model Agency Brittnee Blair
Photography by Anthony Batista

The Canuck
Brittnee Blair, 24

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Canada

Favourite thing to do in New York: Riding the Staten Island Ferry. It sounds a bit cliché, but to me it’s the most beautiful and peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s truly a different experience each time.

Views on the plus-size industry: It’s a beautiful world. One where we are allowed to truly accept our bodies, and turn everyday insecurities into things worth praising. I am proud to say that I’m a plus-size model in this industry. I celebrate its message for more self-love, higher self-worth, and an open door to a whole new view on what plus-size fashion is. I can’t help but be excited to be apart of this somewhat “movement” with new designers and established designers allowing their creativity and inspiration to be explored for more curvaceous body types.

Beauty tip: I’m a fan of a good face mask. My favourite one is super basic, and you can find all the goods in your kitchen. All you need is one-quarter cup of plain thick yogurt, and two tablespoons of raw honey. You mix it up in a bowl and brush it on your face, leave it for ten minutes, and rinse.

Best piece of advice: My motto is, “Love the life you live.” It’s important to enjoy the challenges, and to learn and grow from each one in a positive way.

JAG Model Agency Bree Warren

The Surfer
Bree Warren, 25

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Beauty trick: Look after your skin and don’t mess with your brows.

Best piece of advice: Fate rewards the brave! Be confident with who you are, work with what you have, and be a nice person.

Styling tip: Start with chic wardrobe staples and go from there. Less is more! I still have to remind myself of this…My style is very minimal now but I used to be the queen of over accessorizing. Yikes.

Views on the plus-size industry: To me, the whole plus-size debate is simple: There should be different shapes and sizes in fashion, not just one. Being a plus-size model isn’t about being overweight and it’s not about vetting sizes against each other; it’s about creating a broader representation of women. I have hips and a bust so I was never going to be a waif. I think a womanly figure is sexy and healthy but at the end of the day, I try not to get too caught up in it. I’m just a normal girl who has this really cool job!

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