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Looking to Up Your Insta Game? Here’s How to Nail an Instagram Video

We asked top influencers for their hottest tips.

Wondering how to take high quality Instagram videos that will impress even your toughest critics? Turns out it’s not as difficult to create an influencer-worthy video as it may sound. We consulted some bona fide experts: influencers Sam and Cailli Beckerman (@beckermanblog), Elise Purdon (@apoelise), and Sasha Exeter (@sashaexeter) to find out the strategies they use to rack up the likes. Here are their top four suggestions.


(1) Shoot in 4k

Both Elise and Sasha recommended you film in 4k if you really want to make your Instagram video come to life. Sasha broke it down by explaining how she manually sets her video quality to 4k 60 fps (frames per second) instead of the standard 1080 HD at 30 fps. “It not only makes the footage smoother, but the resolution is higher,” she says.

How to: Open up iPhone settings, choose “camera,” then “record video,” and change to “4k at 60 fps.”

(2) Be Aware of Lighting

Sasha is always very conscious of lighting when shooting. “I always make sure I am filming outdoors during daylight or I have a ton of natural light flowing indoors. A well lit space is the best way to help improve your video content,” she says. AE/AF (auto focus/auto exposure) lock is a great tool that Sasha and Elise both use. However when lighting isn’t great, Elise sometimes falls back on third party apps where it’s possible to fix overexposed or dark shots.

How to: Tap and hold on the focal point of your shot until you see an AE/AF banner appear, tap the shutter button to take the photo.

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(3) Make Sure the Content is Digestible

Sam and Cailli Beckerman were adamant that Instagram videos should be short and easy to digest. That way, the video itself will be easier to edit and the content will appeal to more viewers. “Get a tripod. For videos like try-on sessions, beauty videos and workouts we like being hands free.” It’s also helpful to add a voiceover to help explain to viewers what’s happening, especially when the video isn’t long enough to give visuals for everything. Sasha Exeter also suggests the rule of thirds, which makes framing a shot easier, and more aesthetically pleasing. “By applying the simple principles, I benefit by getting the correct vertical and horizontal balance in my shot.”

How to: Open iPhone settings, choose “camera” slide the grid setting to “on.”

(4) Get Creative

Try out different camera features and angles to make your videos more creative. The iPhone XS and iPhone XR are able to create professional-level videos, so don’t be afraid to take risks. With the iPhone at your disposal, you can shoot in a number of unexpected settings, like slo-mo or time-lapse.

How to: Open “camera,” choose “slo-mo,”  or Time-Lapse.

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