I got my new shoes at…Geox?

When you think of Geox shoes, stylish, swanky footwear isn’t what normally comes to mind—try granny-variety loafers and not-so-chic driving shoes as images that pop up instead.

The Italian brand is definitely out to prove me wrong, though. To celebrate its fifth year in business in Canada, Geox recently opened a 900-square-foot concept store—the first of its kind in North America—in the ever-improving Pacific Centre. In fact, the only other place the design concept can be found is on Via Montenapoleone, a street in Milan’s swankiest area. The boutique’s seamless, curved walls creates a “bubble effect” that, according to Mario Moretti Polegato, founder and chairman of the company, is meant to mimic the holes that make up each of Geox’s patented rubber soles.

Speaking of shoes, not only does the store stock rows and rows of colourful thong sandals, Geox has also upped its fashion quotient by releasing everything from stylish ballet flats to work-appropriate pumps and, for fall, mock croc patent leather boots that will keep the rain out and wick away perspiration to keep feet dry. They’re even launching a new line of golf shoes with breathable soles!

So sure, they might not be Loubs, and I won’t go so far as to say I’m ditching those lovely red soles completely, but Geox has certainly, ahem, stepped up for spring.