How to Take the Best Instagram Photos: 17 Secrets We Learned from Its Top Users

How to take the best Instagram

Anyone can take an Instagram photo, but creating one that can instantly rack up likes and follows? Not so easy. There is no doubt that Instagram has become a huge part of our lives, from documenting details of our day to becoming a pretty-fied newsfeed of what the world is up to. And let’s face it. We are all voyeurs who have no problem living vicariously through other’s Instagram accounts. But the real question is, what makes top IGer’s photos so worthy of double taps?

Plenty of bloggers, editors and smart phone photographers seem to have the skill down pat photo after photo, alluring thousands of likes time after time. While we may not have cracked the secret to getting onto the popular page, there is no reason why we shouldn’t strive for it. Taking cues from the best of the best, we scoured the finest Instagram accounts to figure out what it takes to have an awesome photo. From shots of your #ootd to #foodporn, we share 17 shooting tips and tricks on how to take the best Instagram photo.