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How to Dress Without Shaving Your Legs: 6 Tips for a YOLO Early-Spring

There are very few negatives to spring, but if we had to pick one, it’d be bidding adieu to the fact that no one knew how hairy your legs were all winter-long. Like being braless in public or a spy for MI6, hairy legs were our secret—at parties, at work, and just about anywhere else our carefully hidden legs were taking us. But now that the sun is out and the flowers are blooming, you’re bound to be exposed if your legs haven’t seen a razor since October.

Some say it’s the time to break one out, but we say take a few extra weeks of fuzzy freedom! Full summer will be here with its bathing suits and tank tops soon enough, and hair maintenance will be kicked into high gear. Spring is about buying yourself some time via your cleverly layered wardrobe. Here’s how:


Opaque black tights and/or flesh-toned fishnets
While the dog days of summer may be too hot for heavy tights, you’ve still got a few weeks to push ‘em. While hiding a multitude of hairy sins, they help balance out heavier early-spring top options. Alternately, try flesh-coloured fishnets: they flatten out cellulite and camouflage leg hair. Boom.

Satiny Opaque Pantyhose ($17,


A cropped pant and a selective shave
“Wow, she’s so together,” they’ll say. “It’s only the beginning of May and she’s already rocking summer-ready gams. That little patch by her ankle is smoother than a Marvin Gaye record, so we can only presume she shaved or waxed her entire legs recently. She definitely didn’t do a quick swipe of only the area exposed by her pant legs before leaving the house this morning. No way.”

Checkered Jogging Pant ($46,

Knee High Socks
It is a truth universally acknowledged that thigh hair does not count. Just cover up those fuzzy shinbones with ‘60s-inspired knee socks, and carry on wearing your cute mini skirts!

Sheer Rose Knee-High Socks ($12,

Look like you mean it
The boho look has become standard for springtime. And do you think the hippies that inspired it were shaving their legs? Heck no! Pop on a maxi dress and a long fringed vest and if someone dares comment on your leg hair respond with an inquisitive look that says, “Shaving my legs? Who has time? I’ve got seven festivals to go to. Goodbye, SUIT.”

Free People Anita Printed Maxi Dress ($171,

Tall boots
For many of the thigh-hair reasons discussed previously, a tall boot works well to hide winter fuzz. They’re also a great transition piece for your wardrobe and segue nicely from winter (with a coat, tights, hat, the whole shebang) to spring (with a cute pair of shorts and a big sweater) to those early days of summer (with a flow-y boho dress).

Aldo Lilinia Boots ($190,


A big fuzzy sweater and short shorts
Sometimes the only thing you can do is go Full Yeti. It’s a choice.

Fluffy Cropped Sweater ($28,

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