How to dress your favourite body part: 8 Style Panel-approved tips

how to dress for your favourite body part laura
how to dress for your favourite body part laura

Whether we like to admit to it or not, we all secretly have a fave body part we like to show off when it comes to getting dressed. Love your legs? Wear a mini skirt. Want to show off that neckline? Shoulder-baring looks are your go-to. While this challenge seems like a no-brainer, we tapped Style Panel to inspire you, just in case you were looking for a fresh new take. From how to highlight your legs in a tasteful manner to accentuating your waist without looking scandalous, flip through to find out the best tips on how to dress for your favourite body part.

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how to dress for your favourite body part laura

Laura Mitbrodt, 31
Victoria | Laura Jane Atelier

I like to accentuate my neckline with my outfits because I find that it is a universally flattering area on most body types. My dress from Unique Vintage has this beautiful scalloped neckline, which draws attention to my décolleté in a delicate yet feminine way.

Laura’s wearing: Dress, Unique Vintage

how to dress for your favourite body part alyssa

Alyssa Beltempo, 30
Ottawa | Ms. Beltempo

My legs are my fave body parts, so in the summer, the most fun way to accentuate them is to leave them bare. Although this means constant upkeep (a definitive downside if you’re lazy like me), summer sometimes feels as short as a great pair of Daisy Dukes, so I take advantage and wear them as much as I can. I’m not graceful enough (and neither is my job) to wear dresses on a regular basis, so shorts keep me comfortable while still feeling a little sexy. As always when I’m showing skin, I balance it out with a long sleeve shirt or a light sweater on top. Heels are only ever a mid stacked or block heel – as much as we all love the story; Pretty Woman I am not.

how to dress for your favourite body part teresa

Teresa Yoo, 25
Toronto | What T Loves

I’m not much of an accentuate-my-body type of dresser, so I tend to go for looser, oversized silhouettes on a daily basis. However, there is one part that I show off occasionally, and that is my waist. The perfect pairing for accentuating my waist is anything high-waist, whether they are pants or skirts. I pair it with tops that are slightly cropped or have it casually tucked in. I personally like subtle accentuation on my waist, so I often keep things pretty casual, comfortable and not too obvious that I’m trying to show off.

Teresa’s wearing: Shorts, thrifted. T-shirt, Zara. Shirt, Aritzia.

how to dress for your favourite body part mikayla

Mikayla Kuehn, 20
Toronto |

I love showing off my legs! I am all about a great fit-and-flare dress or a feminine skirt that accentuates my long legs. Add a pair of heels for an extra boost, and the look is complete!

Mikayla’s wearing: Dress, Honey. Necklace, Cherry Pick. Shoes, Betsey Johnson.

how to dress for your favourite body part liat

Liat Neuman, 39
Toronto | YomanChic

We all have parts of our body that we like and other parts that we feel insecure about. I am always trying to play with silhouettes, colours and textures to accentuate these specific areas that outshine them. Bare shoulders is the obvious choice for me, since they are drawing attention upward to my neckline, while revealing some skin in an elegant way. A relaxed fit dress (especially in the mid section area) featuring embroidered and colour-blocked sleeves are flattering to my body type and highlight my assets like my arms and legs.

Liat’s wearing: Dress, Club Monaco. Heels, Banana Republic. Bag, Nine West. Watch, Daniel Wellington.

how to dress for your favourite body part jameela

Jameela Ghann, 25
Calgary | Jam and Tea

A fitted skirt and a sleeveless top help accentuate my favourite body parts: my legs and my arms. A fitted skirt does wonders to show off the definition of my legs and also helps to show off all those squats done in the gym! Every young mother can attest to the fact that lifting babies and toddlers defines biceps, and that is why I love this black top. It does wonders to draw attention to and accentuate my arms. In the dog days of summer, this is the perfect outfit to celebrate my body and stay stylish.

Jameela’s wearing: Skirt, Salgado Fenwick. Top, Joyce’s Closet. Jewellry, Alora Boutique. Shoes, Nine West.

how to dress for your favourite body part neguine

Neguine Boustantchi, 23
Toronto | Neguine Boustantchi

One of my favourite parts to show off is my waist. My magical, yet simple, trick to accentuate that part is to wear garments that make it look slimmer. This belted Zara vest is one of my favourite pieces in my closet as it perfectly fits my figure.

Neguine’s wearing: Vest and sandals, Zara. Dress, Forever 21. Bag, Chanel.

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