Hot Disc: The Hidden Cameras, Origin: Orphan

Given the ever-surging popularity of choir vocals in top indie–thanks Antony, and the Johnsons too–I bet the Hidden Cameras are singing to a whole new host of converts. The Toronto ensemble’s fifth album of gospel, 60s-ish pop, and queer-as-folk tunes is out today, and holy! Such a congregration-pleaser. Though hardly a departure from past romps, Origin: Orphan (Arts & Crafts) has a purer, meditative sound–more uplifting, less down and dirty. The title groove boasts jungle beats and ooh-wahs that sound sung by a chorus of little Mowglis–so cute, honestly–while catch-hell single “In the NA” trills and yelps its way into your ear. Save for the sagging midpoint–“Walk On” is stately, but drags; “Kingdom Come” is skippable–this would be a thoroughly great record. And you know how every great record has one super-cinematic acoustic track, backed by heartstrings? Well, “Colour of a Man” bursts right out of that slot. On the tenth listen, I think it’s the best happy-to-be-sad love song since the Magnetic Fields recorded 69 of them.

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